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My Battery Drain Analyser

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WARNING: this app does not and will never display which app drains your battery. If you plan to give bad ratings because of this lack of feature, please go away and DO NOT download!
This app suffers from people that do not read app description.
This is simply IMPOSSIBLE. If you want so, I know many apps that inspect your CPU every second or memory and that really drains your battery, you will easily find such apps, but definitely not mine.
When tracking my battery usage, I was always missing something…
That information was the Battery drain in percent per hour.
I just made this app for my personal use and it’s now time to share it.
This app will always sleep and wake up every time your battery drop one percent to save the current battery state and the time. On the next battery drop, I will compute the battery drain.
I plan to work on the User interface and improve it during next weeks/month, feel free to contact me if you have suggestion/ideas.
Keep in mind that this app has to stay simple and minimalist.


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