MX Player App tutorial

MX Player App tutorial

Mx player is one of the most popular apps over the net, it has many useful options, you can find a technical review of this app right here.

for your comfort, below you can find the video transcript:

hello apps apk followers and welcome to
another video of 2019 so this is just
gonna be a quick review on the App MX
player and why you should have this on
your phone so the first few things that
I would want to show you is basically
what the description says so this
basically allows you to watch setting
certain videos of different formats so
for example if you’ve filmed a
particular footage using a Canon camera
for example and you want to view it on
your phone you wouldn’t be able to view
that video normally on your phone using
Google Play etc but with MX player it
allows you to view any type of video
whether you shot it using a different
phone or a camera it basically increases
the range of videos you are able to
watch so that is a good thing
now let’s go straight into the app so
this is basically like a 20 second
footage of me just filming outside at
night and I’m just gonna show you
briefly what this basically does so as
you can see me filming outside so what
you can actually do is you can actually
select exactly where you want to start
playing the video again if you’ve missed
a certain point within a particular
video where you want to go back to that
particular point you can actually select
the exact point that you want to view
also you can lock the screen just so
that it doesn’t disturb you you know if
you pressed something on the phone by
accident you can continue watching the
video without any disturbance and the
last thing I would like to show you is
the resizing of the video you can
actually resize the video so for example
if I go here just stretch crop 100% and
fit to screen so there’s a lot of
different sizes which allows you to view
the videos differently you know whether
it’s a bit
further away or closer just what makes
you feel comfortable and what you are
used to viewing so there you have the
guys and this is the end of the video so
if you’ve liked this video please leave
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this is the end of the review peace

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