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Ever wonder how to teach your kids about Islamic Supplications for daily activities in a playful manner. This Islamic Kids Coloring application teaches kids about manners and etiquette of a muslin child in a fun and interactive way, where a child can learn a specific supplication by using a visual and audio coloring page. On each coloring page a kid can use different coloring tools e.g. paint brush, paint bucket and eraser. For e.g. a child can learn about supplication for entering and exiting mosque, visiting sick person, before going to sleep, using toilet, washing hands in an easy and fun manner where by using paint brush strokes and imagination, child can learn about different Quranic Duas/Verses/Ayat in an engaging manner, that would definitely last long. This is the modern way to teach your kids good habits in very interactive way. Kids can learn by listening to an audio or reading the supplication. The learning of child starts from very young age. The imaginative and precious artistic work of young ones’ can be saved by screenshot. Share the work of art through social media. A comprehensive Learning tool for kids to teach them Good manners.
. Voice guidance for du’a (prayers)
. Visual teachings.
. Learn by coloring.
. Different colors.
. Brush and bucket tool.
. Screenshot.
. Listen audio supplication.
. Learning through audio.
. Build good habits
. Learn Arabic Pronunciation
. Learning tool for kids

Darussalam Publishers is pleased to offer this application Free to download. Download, use, and provide us your feedback, for further improvement. Do visit our website at:

Size : 15M
Current Version : 1.0.3
Requires Android : 3.0 and up
Offered By : Darussalam Publishers and Distributors


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