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Muslim Dua Now is a smartphone application consisting of Islamic Duas divided in 18 major categories. It will help Muslims of all ages to know, learn and recite different supplications for daily life and other occasions. The Translation and Transliteration features are greatly useful in knowing the actual meaning and pronunciation of these Duas respectively.


i) Translation of Dua into English to know its implication.

ii) Transliteration choice helps user in correct way of articulating supplications in Arabic.

iii) 18 Duas Categories meant for achievement in different instances are available:

• Morning/Evening: After Waking up, Before Sleeping etc

• Restroom: Entering and leaving the restroom

• Prayer: Hearing Adhan, Replying to Call of Moazin etc.

• 40 Rabanas: A collection of 40 Supplications/Duas from Quran

• Eat/Drink: Before eating, on finishing the Meal etc.

• Dressing: Wearing New Clothes, and getting Dressed and Undressed.

• Travelling: While undertaking a New Journey, upon Reaching Destination etc.

• Family: For getting a Child, Dua/Azkar for Allah`s Protection for Children etc.

• Home: Looking for a nice house and while leaving house for Special Work.

• Blessings: Duas upon visiting the sick, praising other Muslims etc.

• Protection: When wind blows, against distractions of Satan.

• Forgiveness: Asking for Allah`s Forgiveness, Replying Salam of non Muslim etc.

• Fasting/Ramadan: Dua after forgetting Fast Dua, family inviting for breaking fast etc.

• Hajj: For Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, on Day of Arafa etc.

• Funeral/Grave: Dua For Dying person to say, while visiting Graves etc.

• Animal: For person stung by scorpion, mounting on animals etc.

• Rain: During and after rain and withholding of Rain.

• Random: Dua against an enemy, being angry etc.

iv) Beautiful presentation with eye soothing graphics.

v) Favorites option lets individual to mark its most preferred Masnoon Duas for frequent usage

vi) Font Size can be adjusted according to preference.

vii) 3 different kinds of Font Styles are also included.

viii) Share option lets one to distribute this beautiful app with loved ones.

Download this free and easy to use Islamic Application on Smartphone in order to benefit from Daily Duas in your life.

Size : 28M
Current Version : 2.1
Requires Android : 2.3 and up
Offered By : Quran Reading


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