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Muslim is the largest ISLAMIC APP developed as of date. What makes Muslim different from other apps is that it does not just cover ISLAMIC information and education but it also works as a Social hub for the Ummah.
Wherever you are, Muslim will assist you with the local Prayer Timings, Qibla direction, Islamic Calendar and events, Halal Restaurants and Supermarkets around you, Mosques in your vicinity, translation of the meanings of the Noble Quran in many Languages and it’s Tafseer, Zakat Calculator, Dua and Azkar, Islamic TV and Radio, Islamic Wallpapers and Islamic News and events around you among other great features. It will also help you to keep track of your Zakat, Charity , prayers , fasting and other forms of worship by using the unique “Ibada Monitor”.

Muslim “Hajj and Umrah portal” will guide you step by step how to perform these important Rituals in accordance to the Sunnah. Soon, we’ll have a service where people can have a Personal guide which will take them to all Islamic sites and explain to them their importance the historical stories in Makkah and Madinah. “Hajj & Umrah portal” will also help those who can’t afford to perform these rituals to register and other wealthy users can donate and sponsor them.
Children of today are the backbone of the Muslim Ummah as they are the men of tomorrow! Muslim acknowledges the importance of the next generation. With different cultures invading us in our homes through the media, Muslim provides a number of different solutions to Muslim parents. Muslim will provide our children with ISLAMIC and moral BEDTIME STORIES in different languages. It will Teach them QURAN with its meaning, Make them Learn ARABIC with the option to learn even more other languages. It will also help them find same age friends with common interest around them. Muslim will employ a specialist in Psychology to help parents handle different difficulties they face with their children in and Islamic and scientific way. The Portal can also cater for their academic learning.

Muslim goes a step further and helps you on the social front. It has unique Marriage Portal to find the right match for your son or daughter. There is also a Job Portal which will help you find suitable jobs around you. It also helps you buy or sell Properties, Cars and to advertise various services or items by using its powerful Classified feature. It gives you a comprehensive update on different commodities and important events happening in the world at every front.

Muslim will help you make new friends who share with you the same interests. It helps mothers to make a community and form a bond where they live with their neighbors. , Our unique investment portal will help young entrepreneurs to find investors across the world and help investors generate real profits unlike the traditional model or share markets. The investments will be very small so more people can join in and help ISLAMIC entrepreneurs grow.

What’s New

– Memorize Quran for both adults and kids
– Video Hadeeth Shareef series
– Watch Makkah and Medina LIVE
– Exclusive Materials from Ahmed Deedat , Mufti Menk and Sheikh Yusuf Estes
– Ibada Monitor for Adults and KIDS
– Prayer Module updated
– Women Issues Q & A
– Video series on Kitab e Tawheed
– Sharia Lawyer
– Vaccinations and Pills Module

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