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music player, let download to play music, song, mp3, audio book and listen music

Please download music player to enjoy your favorite songs. This music player is one of the best apps for android. It is a perfect replacement for old music player on your phone. Music player supports all formats of audio files, ex: mp3, wav, ogg, flac…Because mp3 is the most popular format, so sometimes we call this app as audio player – mp3 player. So let download mp3 player now!
Music player has a powerful equalizer which let users get better experience while listening to favorite songs. This player shows all your audio files quickly with some categories: song, album, artist, genre, playlist, folder. In each category, you can arrange songs in the way which you want. Users can hide some short audio file like ringtone by a smart filter so that only long music songs and audio books appear.
This audio player has an attractive feature. It is a beautiful interface and users can custimze skin of player with available wallpapers or their own photo. An editing tool help people choose the proper image. Users also can change some information of a song, such as: song name, artist, cover image ..
Main features:
– Scan all music audio files. Download music player, then open mp3 music player, you will see all music.
– Support all music formats and audio books. Mp3 player
– All playback functions: play, stop, pause, rewind, forward, auto next, loop play
– Quick navigation: song, album, artist, playlist, genre
– Share music, song, audio
– Sort by name, duration. Download mp3 player to enjoy this feature
– Music playlist management: create a new playlist, easy to add a song into a playlist, arrange songs easily
– Powerful equalizer. This app has a powerful equalizer, but if you want system equalizer you can switch it
– Sleep timer. Set time to stop music automatically
– Filter helper: scan all songs, audio and don't show music files which have duration less than a certain value
– Customize skin with beautiful wallpapers. Can use photo on gallery as well. Download music player to create your own style
– Design professional player for audio book. Users add a long audio into the list of audio books. The player has more functions than usual. You can change speed of playback, remember last progress…
– Settings with many useful options: show/hide image cover; auto play after a call; auto pause when headphone plug out; customize tabs
– Folder management, browse folder, create shortcut for folder. Let download mp3 player to explore more.
– Widget for playing music quickly
– Small music player on lock screen and on notification bar. Show enough information such as: album image, titles and artists. Include basic buttons: play, pause, skip and stop
– Support your language
– Edit song information: song name, artist, image cover, genre

Please download music player(download mp3 player) to have a perfect audio player on your phone. If you get problem please let us know. We will reponse as soon as possible.

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