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This app enables you to use your android device as a remote surveillance camera or spy cam with motion detection functionality.
Motion Detector Pro is a camera surveillance app, that uses the built-in camera to detect movements in the surrounding area using an advanced motion detection algorithm. If it detects movement it sends an email or a text message with a picture link to another cell phone, allowing you to remotely monitor an area using your Android phone. Motion Detector Pro can:
. Take a picture when the camera sees a movement and send it to an email or another phone. Great for catching thieves, watching your business/home or keeping an eye on your pet
. Start surveillance remotely by using text messages (with password protection)
. Indicate realtime on the phones display where the movement is detected
. Stealth mode which closes the app as soon as the phone is touched
. Store the surveillance images on the cloud or locally on the phones SD-card

Why the required permissions?
-Storage: Store surveillance images on the SD-card
-Your messages: For remote startup of the alarm (using text messages)
-System tools: For remote startup of the alarm (turns on the phone)
-Services that cost your money: Sends an SMS when the alarm is triggered
-Network communication: Access to the internet so the images can be sent
-Hardware controls: Access to the camera
-Your personal information: When you select a contact to receive the images

If you discover any bugs or problems don’t rate it low – instead send an email to [email protected] and we’ll see if it can be fixed before the next release.

Size : 766k
Current Version : 1.2.2
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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