Mobile Tracker APK

1. Existing users please update to latest version to continue enjoying location emailing service.
2. Tablet PCs with SIM card support can use this app too.
3. Table PCs without SIM card can use the email service only.
Crime is increasing currently and how we ensure our safety? Want to trace your loved one or friend wherever they go, or constantly report your location for safety. But, what if you do not have a smartphone.
The solution is Mobile Tracker. Mobile Tracker let an owner of a smartphone SMS his/her location or let others request his/her location by just sending SMS. Thus, your loved one or friends can immediately know when you are in trouble.
How this apps useful for every smartphone owner:
Case 1:
1. Set the app to send location every 30 minutes or at 9:00pm only.
2. So, if no location received every 30 minutes or at 9:00pm, the phone’s owner may have problem.
3. Or, the location received should not be the current position of the owner, the receiver may suspect a problem.
Case 2:
1. In case of emergency, your friends or loved one can use any phone (even not smartphone) to just SMS for requesting your location.
What’s needed is that the people been traced must have a android smartphone and then all others can know his/her location. There is no privacy concern, as only you can determine whose is receiving your location or whose can request your location.
MOST IMPORTANT, this app works even the owner are out of internet connection as there is no 3G/4G coverage everywhere.

1. At least turn on “Use Wireless Network” for location tracking.
2. Turn on GPS for better tracking.
3. Internet Access needed to get your current address.
4. This app requires Google Maps installed.
For those encountered Force Close when running the application, feel free to report the errors by clicking “Report” button in Force Close window for better application development.


  • The app description is very funny…
    The developer didn’t mention not even once “track your boyfriend / girlfriend to find out if they’re cheating”.
    We know that this is the main reason why one would have this app installed.
    Very cool app… It does what it promises…
    You have my thumbs up!
    And btw, congrats for such “diplomatic approach” on your description… hehehe

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