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Missed Call/SMS Alert app alerts you about the Missed Calls, SMSes and Emails that you might miss for some reason. It is useful if you are in a noisy location or just don’t hear your phone ring at any given time.
If you cannot afford to miss a Call, E-Mail or Text from a specific contact, this is one app you would surely like to have in your phone. E-mail alerts provided by the application is an exclusive feature not available in any other android app.
With a unique take on missed calls, the application divides missed call into three types and provides options to enable/disable alerts for each.
Incoming missed call :- Standard missed call where in you do not pick a call for some reason. App alerts in such cases.
Incoming rejected call :- A call missed because you are busy, cannot take the call right away and so reject the call. So that you do not forget to do a reply call later, you can set alert for the same.
Outgoing missed call :- This is when the person on the other side of phone does not pick your call. You can set alert to remind you for retrying again after some time.
– Get alerted at regular intervals.
– Plays alert sound even when your phone is in vibrate mode. This is useful if you forget to switch your phone back from vibrate mode.
– You can change volume of alert sound.
– You can configure number of times you want alert sound to be played. Default value is 10.
– You can configure repeat interval. Default value is 30 sec
– Displays number of missed calls on application and unread messages on the screen from where you can directly check them, call them and text them.
– You can also filter contacts for which you want the alerts
Paid Features
– Set alert for Missed Emails(Only Gmail account ids or Company ids which use Gmail application are supported). For other mail ids(e.g. Yahoo,Hotmail etc.) you can use a work around where you forward mails to your gmail id, create a filter and set an alert for that filter.
– This app also gives you the option of night mode by which you can avoid any alerts during night.
– Set alerts for low battery and low signal
– Now available alerts for the calls you reject or are rejected from the other end.(unique very useful feature)
– You can also snooze the alerts to be reminded later
Permissions Justification–** Trust your privacy is of utmost importance to us**
SERVICES THAT COST YOU MONEY-we are using In-App purchases in our app so that you can buy any specific feature instead of buying all.
DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS–Our app display pop-up while alerting user for any missed call or SMS, we have provided a button on pop up which facilitates the user in calling back the intended phone number. We assure you that our app will never call anyone without user’s confirmation and intervention.
RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)–As our app is intended to alert in case of any unread SMS so it is quite fair for to receive the SMS and process it for alerting purpose.
READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS) — We are using this permission so that user can message the intended number quickly from alert popup in case of missed call or SMS.We assure you that our app will never use your content for any other purpose.
READ YOUR CONTACTS — This app is customizable on many attributes and one of its attribute “Contact Filtering” needs permission to read the contacts and hence our app requires this permission . We only read contacts just to create the list of selected contacts and not more than that.
In case you feel our app needs any specific improvement or you are facing any issue while setting it up ,please write in to us at [email protected] would be more than happy to respond.

Current Version : 3.3.5
Size : 2.3M


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