Ministocks – Stocks Widget APK

Ministocks - Stocks Widget

The simple and convenient way to follow your stock market holdings.
Ministocks is a simple and powerful stocks widget, that allows you to see the most important information about your stocks quickly and easily.
With Ministocks you have multiple views that display different information.
There are views that show the current stock price with the daily change, or views that display your total stock holding value, as well as many other options.

The portfolio screen is a great way to enter and view all your stock information in one place.
You can also set up high and low limits for your stocks, and when the stock price hits these limits – the colour of the price will change in the widget.
* Note that this application runs as a widget only, please ensure that you understand this before you download and rate/review. If the widget does not appear after install, try rebooting your device. *
• Four widget sizes
• Stock symbol search
• Price change – daily
• Price change – overall or annualised
• Profit and loss – daily
• Profit and loss – overall or annualised
• High price and low price alerts
• Foreign exchange prices
• Custom update schedule
Note: Stock information is provided by Yahoo Finance, and prices may be delayed for some exchanges.


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