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Watch all videos from YouTube while you continue to use your smartphone normally with Minimize Floating Popup Player. You can play and save videos and finished playlists, or create and manage your own playlists.

Minimize player
– In this mode, the app will be closed and the video will be minimized on the homescreen in a popup window (Floating Player). The minimized window can be moved as desired. In this way you can open and use more apps while watching the video.
– Tap on the floating window and the app will be fetched from the background while the video continues to run without stopping

Easily find your content in millions of videos from YouTube
– Create and manage your own playlists

– save finished playlists or create your own playlists
– Your self-created playlists are stored locally on your smartphone – so you always keep your videos, even if you reinstall our app

power saving mode
– In this mode, the brightness of your phone is downshifted and the screen is locked so that you can use our app in peace and with as little energy consumption

YouTube content
– As we access the content of YouTube, we must abide by the YouTube guidelines:
– Videos can NOT be played in the background. The audio may only be played when the video is shown
– We DO NOT offer a way to download or save video or audio files.
– The videos come directly from YouTube. We can not add or delete videos.
– We can not influence the ads displayed and played before YouTube videos.

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Minimize play in background – Video Mini
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