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Minecraft PE is a game that expands our imagination and ignites our creativity. Set amidst the large scapes of creation, Minecraft PE is probably the most addictive mobile game. Minecraft is a game of blocks. The players have to place the blocks to build whatever they want and geared up for adventures. The things and resources collected in the adventure are used to build towns and buildings. Minecraft is all about creating our would which is the main reason for its iconic status among the gamers.

If Minecraft PE is cool, Minecraft PE MOD APK is cooler! If you are interested in taking your Minecraft experience to the whole new level, you must explore Minecraft PE MOD APK. The MODDED versions of the games are always fantastic. They allow the gamers to look at the game in a completely different perspective and thereby enhancing the fun and gaming experience. Minecraft game is a creative game, and the mod version makes it better. Minecraft PE MOD APK is the Minecraft on Steroids.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything about Minecraft PE MOD APK. We’ll share the sources from which you can download the MOD APK file and also give the instructions for installing it on your Android phone. We’ll also go through the extraordinary things which you can do with Minecraft MOD APK. Let’s dive in without any delay!

Minecraft Android App

What is Minecraft PE MOD APK?

Minecraft PE MOD APK gives you access to explore the infinite worlds. Whether you want to build a simple home or an incredible grand castle, the features in MOD APK make the gaming more exciting and fun for you. In survival mode, the players have to craft the armors and weapons to protect themselves from the dangerous mobs. In creative mode of the game, you can build whatever you want using unlimited resources.

Features of Minecraft PE MOD APK

MOD APK Version 1

1. Skins

Though the default Minecraft skin is good enough, it can be boring as we spend hours and hours on the game. The modded version of Minecraft APK gives you access to tons of premium skins for free.

2. Textures

The look and feel of the  game depend entirely on the textures. Using Minecraft MOD APK, you can unlock dozens of premium textures which can undoubtedly improve your Minecraft gaming experience.

MOD APK Version 2

1. Skins and Textures

The version 2 of Minecraft PE MOD APK has got everything that’s there in version 1 with some additional features. You’ll get dozens of premium skins and textures for absolutely free.

2. Unlimited Breath

Breath is the most critical resource in the Minecraft game. Whether you want to explore underwater or create lingering potions, you need to have access to breathe. With Minecraft Mod APK, you’ll have access to unlimited breath.

3. No Damage MOD

The damage slows down our progress in the game. No Damage MOD feature helps the players to recover from damage instantaneously to move at a better pace.

4. Indestructible Tools

There won’t be any stopping force for the players if their tools are durable.

5. Max Score

You need not have to worry about scores and scoreboards if you are using Minecraft PE Mod APK.

6. Inventory Size

Your inventory would always be filled up with stuff. It’s a great luxury to have full stock all the time to progress in the game without any thought or hesitation.

7. Hit Killing

Wars and fights are exciting parts of the Minecraft game. The chances of you winning or losing entirely depend on the weapons you use. The stunning 1 Hit Killing feature in Minecraft APK helps you to kill any powerful enemy with just a single hit.

8. Maps and Seeds

Maps are super-important in Minecraft whether it’s for adventure or survival. The MOD APK also comes with different maps for parkour, hide and seek, PVP and various mini-games.

9. Instant Buildings

You do not need to have the additional launchers if you use the modded APK of Minecraft PE. With just a single click, you can create mansions, buildings, statues, cars, naval ships, aircraft and helicopters, mechanisms and other means of transport.

How to Install Minecraft Pocket Edition APK on Android Devices?

Changing the Security Settings

Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK is not directly downloaded from Google Play Store. Android OS considers all the sources other than the Google Play Store as third-party sources or unknown sources. We need to adjust security settings on the phone before we install the MOD APK files. Here are the instructions to change the security settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings. Tap on Security.

Step 2: Go to the option called Unknown Sources. Enable it.

Now that you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources, we can install Minecraft Mod APK on Android device without any hassles.

Method 1

Installing Minecraft MOD APK on Android Phone

Download the Minecraft MOD APK file from any of the above links.

Step 1: Go to Minecraft MOD APK file which you have just downloaded on your Android device. You may most probably find the file in File Manager.

Step 2: Tap on the APK file and wait until the installation process is completed.

You’ll see the Minecraft game icon on the home screen. You can start playing the game right away.

Method 2

In case, if you are unable to install the APK using the above method, you can try the 2nd method.

Here’s the method for installing Minecraft PE Mod APK on Android devices using ACMarket App store.

ACMarketApp is an app store just like the Google Play Store. It hosts tons of apps, and the users can install the apps right from the ACMarket app. The best thing about ACMarket app is it organizes numerous MODDED APK files which are not available on Google Play Store.

Step 1: Download the ACMarket app from the website

Step 2: Install the ACMarket app and open it.

Step 3: In the search bar, enter Minecraft PE

Step 4: A bunch of results appears. Tap on the first one.

Step 5: Tap the Install button

How to Install Minecraft MOD APK on Windows PC?

Most of the Minecraft PE lovers may not know that this wonderful game can be installed on Windows PC. You can install Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK on a Windows PC using Android Emulator.

An Android Emulator is a software that runs Android OS on Windows or other operating systems. Basically, an emulator can run Android OS on your Windows computer. Android Emulators are useful for app developers during the development phase.

Though there are dozens of Android Emulators out there, Bluestacks is considered as the best as they have a great collection of AVDs(Android Virtual Devices).

Also, there are some other advantages of playing Minecraft PE on Bluestacks. Bluestakcs has a feature called “Multi-Instance” which allows the players to use multiple accounts. Bluestacks also provides an excellent keymapping though which players can control the game using keyboard keys. 

Here are the instructions to install Minecraft Mod APK on Windows PC.

Step 1: Go to and download Bluestacks software.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks on your computer.

Step 3: During the installation process, you need to select the AVD. Select your favourite mobile phone or tablet.

Step 4: Now, execute the Method 1 or Method 2 in the above sections in the Bluestacks window to install Minecraft Mod APK on Windows PC.

Minecraft PE MOD APK is crashing. How to Stop it?

There are several reasons for which the apps crash. Try doing simple things like uninstalling the APK file and installing it again. If it’s still crashing, maybe the problem is the app certificate.

Every app or apk file has an app certificate, and the developers can revoke it to stop the functionality of the app on the devices.

In case of Minecraft PE MOD APK, if the app certificate is revoked, you’ll experience frequent interruptions during the gameplay as the app crashes.

There’s a way to fix Minecraft PE crashing issue.

VPNs are super-useful to bypass the app certificate verifications. Even if the app certificate is expired or revoked, a VPN can bypass it easily and allow you to enjoy the app without any problems.

Download any VPN from the Google Play Store and install it.  Open Minecraft Mod APK using VPN, and there won’t be any crashes!

Is Minecraft MOD APK safe?

Minecraft MOD APK is generally considered as a safe file. However, you need to make sure that you are downloading the APK file from the genuine sources. Minecraft is one of the hottest games and thousands of gamers are searching all over the internet for the modded version. Mischief makers use the APK files of favorite games to spread the malware and other viruses. It is essential to download the APK file from the reliable sources or else there is the risk of file corruption or data theft on our smartphones. We recommend you to download Minecraft Mod APK from the sources we have mentioned in this article.

What are the best features of Minecraft PE Mod APK v1.11?

Some functionalities like Stone cutting and bell are expanded. For instance, the bell makes an entirely new sound now. The fire functionality is extended. Now the fire particles and sound are added to the smoke and fire. The players can even cook on the campfire. The Grindstone user interface is added. Functionality and sounds are expanded. Now, the pillager patrols are spawned in the latest version of Minecraft Mod APK.

Wrapping up…

Installing Minecraft Mod APK on Android devices is pretty easy. You do not even need to root your Android device to install this APK. This MOD APK definitely improves your Minecraft gaming experience and you’ll explore different areas of the game like never before. If you love Minecraft game and you have a tinge of geekiness, then Minecraft Mod APK will not disappoint you.

We’ve given two methods in this guide to install the modded version of your favourite game. These methods worked for most of the users. Let us know via comments if you are stuck somewhere or you are having any trouble while installation process. If your game is crashing off frequently, we recommend you to use any free VPN.

Latest Version Of The App

With the latest version of the app – v1.11, you will be able to find that a lot of existing content has been updated. The developers of the game have revamped the villages and users will be able to see that there has been a lot of improvement in the layouts. There are different biomes, with job sites, designs, and much more.

With lots and lots of layouts, this provides the users with a lot of scope for construction opportunities. The challenges have become more exciting as one would have to earn the villagers’ trust and explore the well-defined trading system with which the users will be able to exchange items. There are new threats introduced in the game, such as the Pillager Outposts. Users have found this challenging, bringing the game to a whole new level.

New Tips and Tricks

Though this game has been there in the market for years now, there have been quite a few users who do not know the tricks in the game. For example, crossing lava pools is one of the most difficult things that one has to do. To cross this lava pool, just place a block on the side of a torch – this will make it easier to create paths to move forward. One more thing that you have to know is to not relate things to real life.

Torches in the game can carry an unlimited amount of weight – something which is not possible in real life. You will be able to build any structure right on top of them – how cool is that!?  Another interesting fact in real life is that wood slabs will burn out but not in the game! Remember that building with wood is a better idea than with anything else as they are resistant to fire.

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