Messaging 7 APK

Messaging 7

A Windows Phone Messaging app for android.
Hi Guys,
Presenting you Messaging 7(M7). It’s not easy to create a app for android Messaging by one man. ASOP code is there for help but I had to write lot of things from Scratch. Point here is please understand this is Alpha phase app and may have bugs. You need to send me errors/report to resolve it. Commenting about error does not give me proper information to resolve it.

Ways to reach me:
1. G+ Page.. Start discussing About Messaging 7 on this page:
2. XDA forum:
3. Email address list below.
This is fastest messaging client for android.

1. WP7 like messaging popups.(Unobtrusive Popups)
2. Basic Features like send/reply/delete/copy message.
3. Customize Bubble color with a color Picker.
4. Choose dark/light theme.
5. Offline Message sending, When no network coverage message will be queued and sent when coverage is available.
6. MMS support Only Picture messaging is support for now.
7. Option to disable other messaging app notifications.
8. Support for Diacritic letter.
9. Delivery Notification.
Live Bugs 🙁
1. Fullscreen keyboard conflicts.
2. Physical keyboard not working.



  • Messaging 7 Is a wonderful app, it really impress my mind, however i did not found the send button on the app. Want the app to make My default messaging app on my device. Dear developer, please suggest

  • I love Messaging 7 but recently I installed it on my Galaxy Note 3 and it stopped working. I get no error messages. It just does not send texts no matter how I configure it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to continue to use this app.

  • i just downloaded the app, i love it but i cant figure out how to send pictures threw a text message. i dont know if it is a bug or something. i dont wanna delete the app but i am going to have to if i cant send pictures threw a text message.

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