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Does Your Android Seem Slower?
Use This 1 Weird Trick To Instantly Speed It Up…
As you use your Android, lots of things happen that can slow down your device just a little bit. Over time, those small speed changes can add up to a big performance drag on your Android.
You may not even know which apps and services keep running in the background… and eating up precious memory and draining your battery too fast.
And apps leave old, useless files on your device all the time. These “cache” files might help that one app start a little faster… but at the expense of valuable storage space.
Plus, as more and more criminals and privacy snoops target your Android, spyware and malware can slow your Android even more. And without you even knowing, your apps may even be spying on you each time you use your Android. What private information do you want to keep them from knowing?
Now you can use this app for a simple, 1-tap shortcut to clean your Android, boost its performance, extend your battery life, and even scan your apps for known malware and unwanted apps.
It’s SUPER EASY to use. You just tap once to clean your memory. Once to boost your battery. And… well, you get the point.
UPDATE: We Recently Figured Out How to Do This Without Rooting Your Android. Now Anyone Can Use These Tricks.

– Clean Cache and Junk Files
On Android devices, cache and junk files can build up over time taking up storage and even slowing your Android down. Cleaning these cached and junk files can help free up memory you really need.
– Delete Search and Browser History
Your privacy is important. Many apps silently record your personal data, your exact location, and your history. The Clean It! feature can erase this information and keep your personal information secure.
– Task Manager
Boost your memory and speed by killing tasks and services that silently run in the background. You often don’t even know these tasks are running and slowing down your device. One tap kills them and reclaims your memory and speed.
– Battery Saver
One tap manages display and device settings to save your battery and extend your battery charge.
– Anti-Virus and Malware Scanner
Protect your Android from threats, malware, and unwanted apps quickly and easily.
– Cloud Backup
Copy your priceless photos, contacts, and even text messages to your personal cloud vault and access them from any web browser.
– Remote Phone Finder and Theft Protection
Find your lost or stolen phone from any web browser. Sound an alarm to protect against theft.
* Coming Soon: 1-Tap widgets for cleaning, boosting, protecting, and saving your precious photos.
– What is a cached file?
A cached file allows an app to temporarily store data, such as web pages, images, etc. Files are usually cached to allow the app to load faster. Some apps don’t clean up their cached files often enough. Deleting cached files is safe and won’t harm your apps.
– Does boosting really extend battery life?
Yes. Tasks and services that run in the background have a real impact on your battery. Shutting those apps down (especially the poorly coded ones) can make a huge difference.
Also, boosting your Android will automatically adjust your display settings to extend your battery life even longer.
– How many photos can be stored with the cloud backup?
You can store up to 2 terabytes (2,000 gigabytes) of data. That’s a lot of photos.
– How can I view my files and photos on my computer?
You can go to from any web browser to view your stored photos, contacts, and messages.
– How can I find my lost or stolen phone?
Go to from any web browser to find your phone, trigger the scream, or lock your phone.

Size : 1.2M
Current Version : 1.0.8
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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