Memory Booster And Cleaner With Ram Optimizer APK

Your phone is running unstable after a long period of use. What you need to do is cleaner phone clean RAM & junk cleaner & booster. Then use our phone optimizer and booster application.Our memory speed booster application is a total solution that integrates many useful features: memory acceleration, phone cleanup, wifi acceleration, battery saving, phone cooling.

To get started, let’s explore information about the memory optimizer app.

Features of the memory optimization app
1. Memory booster RAM optimizer
– Detect applications running underground
– Stop applications running underground for RAM cleaner speed booster
– Create ignore list during scanning and speed up memory
– Support shortcut to memory booster & cleaner, RAM space optimizer
– Memory cleaner and speed booster with a single touch

2. Rabbit RAM
– Dr.RAM multitasking processor helps to free up memory
– Analyze and optimize your RAM instantly

3. CPU cooler to cool down the phone temperature
– Analyzes the CPU status to detect heating applications
– Cool the phone for 3 seconds

4. Phone cleaner optimizer
– Junk removal cache clean
– Deleted APK, cache
– Clean up the junk to make the phone run more stable
– The process of cleaning up junk files is fast

5. Optimize the battery
– Stop the application running underground to save battery
– Extend battery life
– Protect and save battery power long time

6. VPN IP changer
– VPN changer country through 20 countries
– Change IP blocking website, bypass firewall

Highlights of super memory cleaner, RAM booster and cache cleaner app:
⋆ Boost memory fast
⋆ Support shortcut to optimize RAM
⋆ Clean up all garbage
⋆ Phone cooler CPU, cool down phone temperature immediately
⋆ Save battery helps to increase battery life
⋆ Change IP with just one touch
⋆ Simple layout of cool phone down app, easy to clear memory space
⋆ Small power saver app capacity, fast loading
⋆ Free phone cooler and battery saver app

It’s time to say goodbye to slow, unstable phones. Your phone will run as fast as a new one with our internet booster and optimizer application. Optimizing your memory, cleaning junk files, and more, just download the internet speed test app and experience right now.

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Memory Booster And Cleaner With Ram Optimizer
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