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Slow android device? device hanging up every time? always seeing “application not responding” message?
No need to worry again Memory & App Cache Cleaner is the tool you have been looking for.With a full
automatic scan of cache,automatic cleaning of cache,automatic scan of RAM(    random access memory) and
a full automatic cleaning of memory (RAM),your device will never be the same again.Optimize your android
phone speed and do away with slow phones and tablets today.In addition a full privacy cleaner and history
eraser,your privacy will remain to you alone.In a single tap,clear your app cache ,kill tasks and erase history.
—–what are cache files?——-
Your phone or tablet wants to be fast when being used ,so if for example it gets a file from the internet or
loads a webpage from the internet,it will keep this file in the device as “cache” so that if you want to view
the file again,instead of going to the internet again,it will go to where the file it got(“cached file”) is
stored and load it from there.The sad part is that after finishing using this files,they are not deleted and
fill up your device making them slow so memory & app cache Cleaner comes to the rescue as it can detect and clear
this files automatically or can be cleared manually.
——why history cleaner?—–
Your privacy belongs to you alone .You can decide to go one application after the other to clear the history and your
privacy but its tedious,so Memory & App Cache Cleaner comes in with a single tap to clear all your history and privacy.
You can also choose what to clear and what not to!
—-why task killer?——
slow phone and tablets are not pleasing and the culprit is the memory being used by background tasks that you don’t see,
so killing these tasks,will free the memory and your device will be fast as you want and memory & app cache cleaner will
do just that.

-Clean all your cached files in a single click
-Enable automatic cache scanning and automatic cache clearing to clear cache automatically
-Memory & App Cache Cleaner will notify you of excess cache in the phone or tablet
-Set the minimum amount of cache that will allow memory & app cache cleaner to alert you
-Sort the applications with cache the way you wish
-Boost your phones or tablet by using a task killer with a one tap click to clear all heavy tasks slowing your device
-Enable automatic memory scanning and automatic task killing to boost your device automatically
-memory & app cache cleaner will notify you if your memory is low or when too many tasks are running
-memory & app cache cleaner will allow you to set the minimum memory beyond which it will notify you
-History eraser and privacy cleaner will clean all your selected history and any private information.
-From the cached applications list ,you can click to get the details of the application ,open or uninstall the application
-Memory & App Cache cleaner is small so that your phone memory is saved!
memory & app cache cleaner will not delete any of your data automatically,what you choose to delete is what will be deleted
memory & app cache cleaner works for any android device like smartphones tablets etc

Size : 810k
Current Version : 2.6.8
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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