Memorigi: Todo List, Tasks, Calendar, & Reminders APK

Memorigi is the most simple, intuitive, beautiful todo list, task planner, calendar, and reminder app to skyrocket your productivity and take control of your life.

In Memorigi you have tasks, lists, and… that’s it. Everything else is optional.

One tap to create your tasks and swipe down gesture to access your todo lists.

Great user experience combined with great UI = great emotions. Memorigi comes with an unparalleled number of amazing features powered by an unbeatable UX/UI.

Use Memorigi with your SO to keep track of your home tasks. Use Memorigi to plan and collaborate on projects with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Memorigi is by your side every step of the way. Memorigi will let you organize and plan your daily life. Whether is organizational or task management, Memorigi instills positive habits to hold you accountable and transform your life. Create simple todo lists, short and long-term goal lists, grocery and shopping lists. Track your high school and university projects. Create tasks with reminders for your payments and workout classes. Your imagination is the limit.

My purpose on this planet is to help you become extraordinary and achieve greatness in your life. I believe progress is the key. When you make progress on any aspect of your life you feel happy and when you are happy you want to continue making progress. That is how greatness is achieved and that is what I want for you.

I believe I can help you stop procrastination to boost your productivity and improve your life. We, together, will make this happen. I’m doing my part by giving you this great tool to help you. Your part now, is to put the will and do what it takes to become a better version of you. Take the first step toward giant changes! I believe in you. You can do it. Start small, start now.

My Day – to crush your day-to-day tasks and help you reach your goals.
Calendar – to see your recurrent and non-recurrent work for any given day.
Tasks Widget – to work with your tasks and todo list from your home screen.
Swipe Gestures – to complete, snooze, or delete tasks.
Powerful Reminders – with recurrent patterns for tasks, like weekly meetings on Monday, and Thursday or for hourly tasks happening every 2 hours, and occurring only 3 times. There’re also location-aware reminders. They’ll be triggered when you arrive or leave a specific place, like to be reminded of an important call next time you arrive at work or to feed your pet next time you leave home.
Statistics – to help you tracking your progress.*
Collaborative tasks – to share tasks with up to 20 users.*
Attachments – to upload relevant files to your tasks.*
Real-time synchronization – to keep your data always in sync across multiple Android devices.*
Nag Me – to help you stop procrastination. It’ll continuously remind you of your uncompleted tasks until you finish them.*
Lists, Colors, Icons, and Ringtones – for better organization. Lists for grouping your tasks, colors and icons for visually-oriented users, and ringtones for notifications.
Read Aloud – to read your due tasks aloud.*
Integrated Weather – to plan your week better and smarter.*

*Plus/Premium feature

Be Productive! Be Organized! Be Focused! Be Amazing!

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Randy Saborio

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