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Measure & Align - 3D Plumb-bob-1 Measure & Align - 3D Plumb-bob-2

Check vertical and horizontal alignments.
Measure distances and angles.
Take a picture, save it as as 3D scene in the library to work with it later.
Export it as an image to share it with other people.
Watch the video to learn how to use this application in one minute.
Several shapes of plumb-bob are available:
– a vertical or horizontal grid to measure sizes and proportions,
– a vertical or horizontal frame split into 2 parts that can be resized independently to check that something is properly centered,
– a 3D box or a cylinder (paid version only) to measure volumes,
– a triangle to measure angles to the vertical,
– a cone (paid version only available on playstore).
To take a picture and freeze the background image, click on the camera icon.
The second button from the left of the top menu bar is used to alternatively display side buttons:
– buttons to adjust the size, position or orientation of the plumb-bob shapes,
– buttons to activate different touch modes to use gestures to either resize, move or rotate the plumb-bob shapes,
– buttons to adjust the camera height (this height is used to estimate the other distances).
There is a wizard button to help you to adjust the camera height. If you know precisely the measure of an horizontal or vertical segment, make sure the frame is aligned to it, click on the wizard button and fill in with this known distance (the camera height will be automatically computed from this piece of information).
Use the settings button to:
– select the front or back facing camera,
– select the measurement unit,
– adjust the frame line thickness,
– define the number of rows and columns to display in the plumb-bob shapes,
– increase the refresh rate of the sensor to get a smoother animation (paid version only).
– change the colors (paid version only available on playstore).
– hide the label (paid version only available on playstore).
– change the label font size (paid version only available on playstore).
The calibration page allows to adjust 2 parameters that are necessary to perform correct measurements: the angles of view of the camera, and the internal sensor calibration.
Camera angles of view: this information is normally reported by your phone. However, some manufacturers do not provide a valid value. In that case you must measure those angles manually and fill in the corresponding fields. If the invalid values are not corrected, the plumb-bob line will still be displayed vertically, but the frame sides will not.
Internal sensor calibration: click on the help button to access the related video tutorial.

Size : 1.1M
Current Version : 05.03.01
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Offered By : Assysto


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