Max RAM booster, Fast Super cleaner, boost battery APK

More space more storage with fast booster free cleaner. Running too many apps in the background make your phone slow and hang. Fast optimizer for the phone to make phone fast and super fast clean, fast boost battery and phone speedy.
⚫ Boost your RAM speed run phone faster
⚫ Enhance phone overall performance. Battery and phone optimization
⚫ Boost your Phone Battery, longer battery life and battery optimization
⚫ Optimize your phone, kill unnecessary apps and process make phone faster
⚫ One tab to boost and speed up your ram & Battery performanceKeep your phone clean, fast, better and stay charged for a longer time.

Are you worried about your phone heat, slow, hang problem? Here is the solution! Clean, boost, cool, your phone. A master RAM cleaner app for the android phone.
Make your phone faster, clean and max cool than ever. Small and Optimal Mobile performance enhancement app. Power Max Phone Cleaner 2018 with system cleaner, Booster, Ram cleaner, Phone Cooler, max battery optimize solution. Best android cleaner to boost and cool down your phone quickly and save and extend battery life with minimize CPU usage. Minimize Phone CPU temp and clean useless cache files and boost phone performance. Speed up phone speed by fast speed booster.
Extreme RAM Cleaner and RAM booster and total memory optimizer for the RAM clean and kill unnecessary background apps and process. Fast RAM master tool to optimize phone and RAM speed. Max Battery Expert: Monitor and save battery & extend battery life to boost battery performance.

Your device become laggy and slow when too many apps and process are running in the background. Without kill and stop that process it’s difficult to make your phone faster. So make your phone faster, smoother, booster, super cleaner, and optimizer for the best phone performance. Fix device lagging issue, lower burden from phone, reduce cpu usage by killing process and cooling android cool down phone. Cool down phone’s temperature and reduce cpu usage by stopping overheating apps with the RAM Booster!
Power management with ram booster, battery Booster functionality. Track and monitor your phone battery health and close all the battery consuming apps and resources for longer battery life. Extend battery life and stay charged for a longer time. Real time battery monitoring and controlling, Set a power limitation and battery optimized level by adjust phone on optimized level. Ram Booster, battery saving modes to help you save more power. These modes watch your system performance and save battery at all possible situations.

Features of Fast RAM Booster & Cleaner, Max Battery performance enhancer
RAM Booster for Android
Boost up ram booster and make your phone faster and smooth. Close and kill background running apps and process for free up space and run phone faster. More space will leads to better phone performance. Cool down your phone by close heavy resources consuming apps and lower down burden from CPU and RAM and cooling android cool down phone.
Battery Power Booster- Extend battery life
Real time battery monitoring and controlling with battery poster and extend battery life for a longer time. Battery Cooler with reduce cpu usage and cool down battery temp. Adjust phone brightness on an optimized level and stay charged for longer.
Super Cleaner- Ram Booster
Clean and kill unnecessary process and running apps and free up more space for the process to make phone faster and smooth. Enhance overall phone performance by best speed booster and RAM cleaner.

Download Max ram booster and optimized your phone and make it faster, smoother, save and clean for better phone performance.

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Max RAM booster, Fast Super cleaner, boost battery
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