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Calculator is the best Calculator app for all mobile devices. This is a math calculation application that works right on your mobile phone. It is designed to be simple and suitable for all Android phones and tablets.
The Calculator app helps you calculate the calculations from basic to advanced. Quickly perform simple mathematical operations such as plus, subtraction, multiplication, division, … Accurately calculates complex calculations that contain exponentiation functions, logarithms, trigonometric functions, integrals,…

In particular, the Calculator app integrates measurement conversion functions such as length, speed, weight, space, temperature, etc. Unit converter allows you to easily switch units with just a few click.
The calculator performs complex calculations and unit conversions as specialized calculators used in mathematics.


– Fast, accurate calculations from simple to complex.
– Simple calculation:  plus, minus, multiplication, division, percent
– Complex calculations: decimal, power, logarithm, sine, cosine, tg, cosh, …
– Functions (exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometric functions)
– Integral
– Estimation of factorial
– Linear equations, quadratic equations, polynomial equations.
– Matrices (matrix multiplications / matrixes with numbers, inverse matrix definitions)
– Includes Unit Converter: deg, rad, grad
– Convert units of measurement: length, speed, weight, space, temperature.
– Length converter: convert mm to cm (dm, m, km)
– Speed converter: convert m/s to km/h (mph, f/s)
– Temperature converter: convert oC to oF (K)
– Weight converter: convert g to kg (t, mg, Ib) and vice versa
– Simple design, easy to use, nice graphics
– Download the free Calculator app
– No internet connection required
– Multilingual application.
Download Calculator app on your device, all the calculations upwards extremely simple with you and it is completely free.

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