Magic Torch APK

– Magic Torch – is not the usual and boring application to light!
Its goal is to be useful and fun at the same time.
It has features never seen before on other applications such as remote control from a distance and the ability to have fun with online leaderboards and fun achievement, alone and with friends.
It isn’t full of annoying advertisements like almost all applications of the same kind.
This application uses the camera flash if present or enlightenment through the screen.
If you are undecided about which application to use for lighting, Magic Torch is what you were looking for!
If you have one or more smartphone or tablet, maybe while other device is charging, you can turn it from a distance with smartphone via Bluetooth or vice versa.
Have you ever wanted to remotely turn on the light at night when you wake up with a snap of the fingers or clapping their hands?
Now you can do these and many other things with Magic Torch!
Free features:
– Automatic start
– Funny Achievement with OpenFeint
– Online Leaderboard with OpenFeint
– Light through the screen or flash of the camera
– Steady or intermittent light
– Morse code mode for automatic release
– Energy saving function
– Info button for learn about the Features
– No annoying advertisements
– Sleek and simple with retractable options panel
– Excellent screen lighting thanks to the automatic maximum brightness
– Universal application for smartphone and tablet
– Test the function Clap and receive Bluetooth connections
Purchased features:
– Remote Turn on via Bluetooth
– Turn on via Clap (Sound Detection)
– Using the function Clap along with automatic release mode/morse code, you can hold the device to a music source for a strobe effect in time to music.
When to use:
– Reading books with little light
– Finding your keys
– See in dark places
– Lighting during repairs
– Turn on distance when you wake up
– Blink in time to music
– Make jokes to friends in Bluetooth
– During a party
– Many other uses …
– To use the Bluetooth function is only necessary purchase to the device you want the remote turn-on. Who receives the signal can use the free version.
– For an even faster start-up flash, hold and leave the application open in the background. The battery consumption is almost non-existent but it allows a fast start.
Warning: Continuous use of the torch may decrease battery life.

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