Magic Smoke 3D Live Wallpaper APK

Magic Smoke 3D Live Wallpaper

Features lights floating through an incredibly realistic 3D smoke cloud.
* Vibrant and Realistic Animation *
* Super Smooth Motion *
* Adjustable Colors *
* Very Low Battery Consumption *
* Fully featured FREE wallpaper with all settings unlocked *
* Additional premium themes: Download and Unlock from settings app – No annoying download of a separate premium app! *
* No Ads *
To set Magic Smoke 3D as your wallpaper:
On your homescreen, long-press on an empty spot and in the menu that appears tap Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper. On some phones, you can also press the

menu button while on your homescreen, then tap Wallpaper. With both methods, you’ll get a list of Live Wallpapers to choose from – Magic Smoke 3D will be one of them.
Similar to Blues Skies live wallpaper.



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