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Wheres Your Droid? You can easily find it with Lost Droid Finder!
Lost Droid Finder will find your misplaced, lost or stolen phone. It provides you with three cool features: Panic mode, Predator mode and SIM guardian.

In short :
. makes your phone ring, even if left on silent or vibrate mode
. sends you your lost/stolen phone’s current location
. sends you your stolen phone’s new number when new SIM card is inserted
. when in panic mode, it informs you when someone picks up your phone
. controlled through text messages (SMS) from any other phone
. battery and CPU friendly
. Please note that Lost Droid Finder must not be installed on SD card, as it would fail to start when phone is rebooted

In Details :

Panic mode
Panic mode will set your phone’s volume to the max and make it play your ring tune for full three minutes. Enough time to locate it stashed under any pillow.
Lost Droid Finder will also provide you with information like: when music starts or stops, and when it detects someone picked up your phone. Information that might come handy, right?

Predator mode
In case your phone got stolen or lost in the woods, Predator mode will pinpoint it on Google Maps for you and provide you with the address of that location.

SIM guardian
SIM guardian feature informs you when your SIM card has been replaced. It will also provide you with new SIM card’s phone number, so you’ll be able to continue tracking your phone’s location and get it back eventually.

LDF is stealthy
Lost Droid Finder will hide all control messages received by your phone, and make sure the potential thief will never know you are trying to get your phone back.

Worst case scenario
Friend loses phone without Lost Droid Finder installed.
No worries, tell him/her to:
1) remotely install it from Google Play website (instructions below)
2) text predator droid to his/her lost phone
3) and wait for phone to respond with its location

All this works only if lost/stolen phone is still online and thief didn’t remove your SIM card!!!

The very best part of this app is, that once you set it up, you can forget about it. Just make sure you don’t forget your secret keywords in case you’ll need them one day.

Size : 266k
Current Version : 2.6
Requires Android : 2.1 and up


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