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Trend Micro Longevity saves battery by automating the things experts would do. It warns you when you download a new app that is a power hog, and tells you exactly how long you have until your phone or tablet runs dry.
BEST BATTERY SAVING APP EVER!!!! A+++++ – K Meow, Mar 26, 2013
it has saved my battery up by 80% Great app.! – Jesse Kennedy, March 3, 2013
Jaw dropping amazing – A Google User, December 31, 2012
“…a good mix of both simplicity and battery savings to make it worthy download for most people.” – androidstatic.com
Trend Micro is a leading global software developer and has been solving complex consumer computer problems for 20+ years with innovative industry- leading technology.
Based on user feedback this version includes a new power saving report to help you keep track of your battery savings and the advanced power saver automates even more tasks.
For questions or comments please visit www.trendmicro.com/longevityhelp or email [email protected]
This app includes powerful features for free, along with a 30 day trial of our more advanced functions that can be purchased for continued use.
Fee Version:
– Just-a-Phone: A single tap turns off power draining features that are not required for phone use. Keeps you in contact for as long as possible.
– Power Saver Report: Keeps track of power savings
– One-click Optimize: improves the performance of the device leading to improved battery life
– Power Hog Pie Chart: a simple view of what is draining the battery
– Power Hog App List: Identifies which apps are draining the most battery and enables fast action
– Full Charge Counter: Informs you how long it will take to fully charge your device
Premium Version, includes all features of the free version plus;
– Premium Just-a-Phone: Allows you to choose the functions of just-a-phone and set a time of power limit to automatically turn it on.
– Power Hog App Alerts: As you download new apps Longevity uses cloud intelligence to warn if a particular app will have a high impact on the battery, and enables you to immediately remove the app.
– Widget: Place the widget on your home screen to have fast access to the features of Longevity.
– Smart Power Saver: Automates power saving features when your device is not in use or WiFi is not connected.
– Fully Charged Alert: Longevity will sound an alert when your phone is ready to be taken off the charger.
This product may be incompatible with other battery saving products such as: JuiceDefender, Norton Mobile Utilities & Task Killer, NQ Android Booster, Advanced Task Killer, Battery Defender, Battery Dr saver, Battery Saver, PowerMax



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