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Just imagine, you don’t need to worry about changing your phone’s ringer state from Ringer to silent or vibrator when you enter your office, school, church, gym etc. Just think how easier life would become if you come back home and your phone turns on Wi-Fi for you, turns of blue tooth, adjust brightness for you according to your comfort, wallpaper gets changed….!
If you want to have all of these and even more luxuries in your life for free, then I think you must give “Location tracker, my helper” a try.
This app is carefully developed by keeping in mind your comfort, security and luxury. Like Locale this app alerts you when you are in any fence defined by you, it does your tasks without interrupting you. This is your personal tasker. It defines a virtual fence and when you enter or leave that fence it do task for you.
How to use:-
1)    Press and hold finger (Long click) on map to add place.
2)    Click on any tagged place and you can change name, radius of fence and also add events.
3)    You can also search any place by clicking on search button.

1)    Add place
2)    Notify you when you enter that place
3)    3D Maps
4)    3D buildings
5)    Address searching
6)    Auto brightness handling
7)    Auto Wi-Fi state handling
8)    Auto Bluetooth state handling
9)    Auto GPS state handling
10)    Auto GPRS/3g/4g state handling
11)    Customizable
12)    Google maps
13)    Street View
14)    Artificial intelligence
15)    Offline Maps
16) Auto SMS to any desired number
17) Map Views (Satellite View, Hybrid View, Terrain View and Street View)
18) Search Places
19) Mute app
Coming soon:-
1)    Auto Wallpaper change
2)    Alerts (Reminder notification, vibration, Led Flash)
3)    Auto Application Launch
4)    Auto Email
If you have this statement in you mind ” i need to track others phone” then you should definitely download Location Tracker, My Helper now.

Size : 1.0M
Current Version : 1.6
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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