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Literal Word, NASB Bible 3.0.12 APK

A free NASB Bible app designed for fast and easy access to the word of God.

Key Features:
– New American Standard Bible (NASB)
– Integrated Greek Lexicon (Abbott-Smith)
– Integrated Hebrew Lexicon (BDB)
– Free and offline
– No ads
– No articles
– No social media features
– Instant word search
– Visual search filtering
– User notes within verses
– Highlighting within verses
– Free online backup and sync
– Customized bible text formatting
– Dark mode, sepia, rose, and paper color themes
– Footnotes and linked cross-references
– Passage history

Literal Word exists to promote the word of God and not much else. No ads. No articles. No distractions. Simply the Word. We believe that the Bible contains the most important information that anyone could ever come across and that accessing it should be as easy as possible.

This belief has driven every decision we've made designing Literal Word. The app is 100% free and functional even when you're offline. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation was selected for faithfully utilizing a word-for-word instead of a thought-for-thought translation method. Each passage of the Bible is clean, customizable, and convenient to access, allowing the reader to focus exclusively on the God-breathed content. Word searches are simple but powerful, featuring a unique visual interface for organizing results with precision, and complete lexicons for original Hebrew and Greek words can be viewed with just a couple taps.

It all comes down to the idea that a straightforward approach to a NASB Bible app maximizes attention to the word of God.

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