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Get prepared for what’s next with the LinkedIn Pulse news app. Pulse brings you the right news and analysis every day to help prepare for your next business meeting or advance in your career. You’ll get the knowledge most relevant to you in a bite-sized and beautiful interface. See what trusted industry leaders and members of your network are sharing, writing, and following – so you’re always in the loop.

Why You’ll Love It
– The news and analysis you need delivered, so you don’t have to find them
– Articles curated for you, based on your interests and your connections
– Simple reading and navigation designed for busy professionals
– Easily like, share and comment on topics you’re interested in
Why use Pulse?
– Easily read articles from trusted news sources and business publications like Harvard Business Review, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Business Insider.
– Discover breaking professional news headlines and personalized content delivered daily.
– Share with your favorite networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Flickr, and Tumblr.
– Follow LinkedIn Influencers like Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington and Guy Kawasaki as well as channels like Leadership & Management, Technology, Business, Big Ideas and Innovation, and Your Career to personalize the news you’ll receive
– Read the latest industry news and analysis to stay informed and get ready for your workday and career.

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