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Line camera video transcript

hey guys welcome to AAP’s apk if you’re
new here make sure to subscribe our
channel and don’t forget to turn on
notification bail icon and to this video
we’ll talk about line camera so without
any further let’s begin hash-table all
we have to download line camera to
download line camera
go to your phone browser and go to ask
APK and download it from here and after
download ellipse tool it on your phone
so we have already in each dotted line
camera on our phone now let’s open it
after opening you will see type on your
phone camera so go to the home section
in this section you will find the camera
option gallery option colleague option
paint option and swap option so first of
all we will go to that camera option
using this option you can easily take
any kind of portrait and the most
important part is you can also edit this
photo using this app you can easily
resize this photo also you can easily
rotate this photo in left side or right
side and the most important part app
there are lots of default editing theme
available in line camera just seen it
anyone and your editing will started
working so the most important part is
you can easily add any kind of
background on your photo like this one
also you can add text on your photo just
go to that TV section and add that text
and the most important part is you can
easily choose any kind of phone just
select the font and hit that color and
you will have fully add it the taste on
in this photo so here we go
and the final things you can easily
download this photo on your phone by
clicking big section and also you can
easily share this photo with your
friends using Facebook Instagram Twitter
or messenger so now go to our I guys the
interface section and if you have a
photo you have already downloaded on
your phone or we have already we have
picked from somewhere you can also edit
this photo using this app just go to
your garage section and choose the photo
which on do you wanna edit and select it
if you want you can decide it from here
also you can rotate it left side or
right side if you want
also you can use the default editing
panel on your photo in this case we go
for the loop section if you want you can
decrease the brightness contest there
also you can add a background
if you want you wanna add some text just
safety and add that day
and pick it out BK upon this one do one
I use on your photo will go for this one
and choose a color and you are all set
so if you are editing is done you can
easily share this photo with your
friends by tilting this section and this
section will come you can easily send
this photo to Twitter messenger washed
up and accept wrap
so there are on full twisted available
in line cam its cost colleague you can
add two more more photo see on this
session just go for a photo
another one is on this poly section will
go for this one to apply and yes
successfully done also you can change
the eye style by clicking just clicking
here you can choose the style there are
lots of a still available to see of a
bottom and also you can share this part
with your friend just by clicking here
and the slosh are bottom will come like
this group Instagram Twitter and you are
all set and the last option will shop so
just click on shop and its opening and
the shop session will open it you can
easily pass this lots of premium things
available illustration just go for
anyone and parses it so that’s the end
of the tools to do is you guys like this
video hit the like button and don’t
forget to subscribe our channel we will
see you in the next video till then be

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