LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher APK

LightLaunch is highly customizable light launcher with smooth 3D graphicsFeatures
• 3D EffectsDoes not use OpenGL to keep the launcher light
• Unlimited PagesSimply drag and drop icons to make unlimited pages
• Icon ThemesUse icon packs
• Icon ScalingScale icons as big or as small as you like
• Customizable ScrollingCustomize scrolling to your taste
• And Much MoreDownload and try all of the other features

If you would like to help me translate Lightlaunch please email me

What’s New

● 5.1.12
Removed android compatibility library
Added Russian translations (Thanks to Дмитрий)
Bug fixed – save scroll direction

● 5.1.11
Bug fixed – uninstalling icon packs

● 5.1.10
Compiled With SDK 23 (Marshmallow support)
Fixed some icon packs from crashing
cleaned/optimized code

● 5.1.9
Added Catalán translations (Thanks to Àlfons)

● 5.1.8
Improved icon pack handling fixed some icon packs not working e.g Glim
Added Spanish translations (Thanks to Antonio)

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LightLaunch Light 3D Launcher
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