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Lidroid file is an android file manager developed by Lidroid developer team and released by Lidroid forum. It provides users not only those commonly used file management functions but also many advanced functions which help users both manage their android operating system and access to the network easily and conveniently. Lidroid File is well known for its simple operating method, super multifunction and powerful tools, elegant UI and qualified user experience. With its plugin architecture, Lidroid File also has open access and is highly extensible. Compared to other similar products, Lidroid File will definitely stand out because it gives you a perfect user experience and can meet any of your demands.

. plugin architecture enables you choose functions freely
. A more comprehensive and user-centered categories management
. Unified UI & creative clipboard design
. visit and manage ZIP/RAR files directly without unpacking, just like do with any normal directories.
. enjoy Audio and video files stored anywhere(cloud, PC, other phones…you name it!) and you do not need a USB cable to get your phone linked with them at all!
. copy/move operations are running background and will not waste the space of notification bar or make you wait. Users can check the progress when in need and do other operations at the same time.

. user-centered and overall categories management which will sort your files according to their futures. Music, videos, pictures, ZIP/RAR, APPs,text files and favorites, you have them all and in order!
. Multiple view modes: list view, grid view and water flow view, you can choose any of them as you like to view your files.
. Fast Batch Operations save you both time and labor.
. operations as copy/cut are done through the unique designed clipboard and are all running background, which is easy, simple and time-saving.
. ROOT management is more comprehensive and sophisticated.
. Support built-in storage, SD card and OTG devices.
. support FTP service. You can directly manage your phone files on your PC screen without using USB cables.
. support intranet sharing. Have intranet sharing service started and find your phone in windows Network Neighborhood, now you can directly manage and open your phone files on PC without using any wire. For example, you can use your PC to watch videos, listen to audios and view pictures stored on your phone and no need to use a USB cable. (to enjoy this function you need to install Intranet Sharing Plugin for Lidroid File)

. Network Neighborhood function enables you easily visit and manage all sharing files within the intranet your phone is in. Now you can carry on file management between your phone and other devices like PC or other phones in just one simple touch. (to enjoy this function you need to install Network Neighborhood Plugin for Lidroid File)

. Support almost all mainstream cloud storage services. Choose what you used frequently and install the corresponding plugins, you will be able to manage and organize files you stored in cloud and do cool stuff like watching movies without downloading them to the local.

. uninstall any files you don’t need anymore including system packages in an easy and simple way. (to enjoy this function you need to install Uninstaller Plugin for Lidroid File)

. Powerful directory mount tool which helps you enjoy an unlimited built-in storage. With SuperMount plugin installed, you can mount directories on your SD card to the directories on your built-in storage, this way you actually have your built-in storage space ENLARGED, and many old problems like no enough built-in storage space to run big-sized apps and games are solved on the spot.

Size : 4.1M
Current Version : 4.2.3
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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