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Aslamualikum this app is meant to help those who are new to Islam.And to those whom rediscovered Islam!. This app contains video only which shows the basic way to do Salah/prayer.there are dua’s additionally which can be recited during Salah/Prayer which is highly recommended but if you don’t do there is no sin .but still its highly recommended you learn by your own.there is no ads in this app its totally free!
This is a simple app made from different YouTube videos so let me explain what my app contains


Also known as” wudu” .Ablution should be done before offering Salah/ Prayer

Video by Eddie- THE DEEN SHOW


Briefly explains importance of 5 daily prayers(Salah) and when it is done

Video by Eddie- THE DEEN SHOW


This video explains how to do Salah/prayer in Islam

Video by Eddie- THE DEEN SHOW

Following are youtube video ,you need a good internet connection and YouTube app from play Google must be preinstalled if not download it!

Learn Fathiha

Fathiha is the opening chapter of Quran and it is compulsory to be read in Salah/prayer

Video by YouTube user- LearnQuran2010

Learn al-ikhlas & Learn An-nas

These are two small chapters in Quran which can be recited in Salah/prayer

Video by YouTube user- LearnQuran2010

Women and men

As you might be new to islam and you are a women probably many will tell you this is the way to do Salah/prayer some others will tell their way is to do the Salah.so this video will help you to clarify your doubts

Remember me in your dua’s!

Size : 46M
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Offered By : dawath apps


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