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Use an effective way to learn Korean! This app offers essential Korean phrases and vocabulary for travelers and beginners. The scenario-based phrases will well prepare you to communicate with Korean effectively.
Major Features:
1. Essential Korean phrases & vocabulary
2. Authentic pronunciation
3. Search by keywords using Korean and English
4. Easy to store and manage your favorite items
5. No internet connection required
Think for yourself & your children. Be more versatile in career prospects & enjoy a fruitful life by learning Korean !!
WHY you should learn Korean?
1. Korea is 1 of the largest economies in the world.
2. Improve your career potential since Korea is the dominant player of the hottest sector – smartphone & consumer electronics. She is also strong in high-technology, automotive and ship-building industries.
3. Popularity in learning Korean is growing fast. Korean is 1 of the most popular 2nd language in the world.
4. Understand Korean Pop Music and Korean TV drama which are popular all over Asia and gaining popularity quckily in other parts of the world too.
5. Korean is a great holiday destination.
6. To dating pretty Koreans and to seek love in Korea.
7. To explore the rich-in-history Korean culture.




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