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LeaderTask is a user-friendly service for time management.Create your lists of tasks for every day, arrange them by projects, divide tasks into subtasks, set reminders for important tasks, attach documents to tasks, assign them to your friends/colleagues and a lot more!

Organizer LeaderTask is developed for those who want to get all at once: tasks, subtasks, notes, assignments, projects, tags, attaching of files and search.

What does LeaderTask can offer you but other can`t:
> You can divide tasks into subtasks in any number and nesting level. Subtasks can be also divided into smaller tasks
> Unique system “Antiforgetfulness”. It allows you to remember all the tasks you planned to perform yesterday and days before yesterday, but you didn`t do this. The system transfers overdue tasks in the list of tasks for today
> You can visually highlight tasks (by coloring them)

Users of the program has already created more than 14 000 000 tasks!

Our key advantages:
1. Offline mode (you can work with tasks even without the Internet connection)
2. All time management systems are supported: GTD, Autofocus, Superfocus, Pomodoro Technique, Do It Tomorrow, Stephen Covey System and so on.
3. Data (tasks, notes, projects…) are kept in encrypted form on our cloud server

Offline mode allows you to work with tasks even without the Internet connection. If connection is lost you can continue working. When you go online again LeaderTask sends all new changes in the cloud automatically. For example, tasks you assigned to your colleagues offline will be sent to them immediately.

LeaderTask helps you to achieve the following results:
✰ You escape the total forgetfulness
✰ You get your tasks under control
✰ You have much more free time for your family, rest , hobbies and so on
✰ You can do more them before
✰ You raise your efficiency and achieve goals faster

Free account allows:
✓ Use the latest versions of the program as long as you want (unlimited time)
✓ Create any number of tasks, subtasks, notes, tags and colors for tasks
✓ Set reminders
✓ Work offline
✓ Update the program to the latest versions

Premium account makes it possible to use much wider features of the service

Premium account allows:
✰ All features of the free account
✰ Keep the data in the cloud server (tasks, notes, files…)
✰ Have the access to your data from any device (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad). It allows you to have one and the same list of tasks on all your devices
✰ Assign tasks to friends/colleagues (they have to have LeaderTask too)
✰ Discuss tasks (every task has a built in chat where the performer and the owner of the task can discuss important things)
✰ Give access to personal projects (if your friends and colleagues have LeaderTask too you can share access to your projects with them, then they can see tasks, and discuss them in chats and also add new tasks)
✰ Create more than 25 projects
✰ Create and edit contacts
✰ Search tasks
✰ Attach files to tasks and notes
✰ Create repeated tasks
✰ Create tasks out of E-mails

The company LeaderTask is more than 9 years on the IT market. During this time the number of users comes to 100 000!

LeaderTask – a goal achieving booster. Are you ready to move heaven and earth?

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