If we’re talking about taking photos or sharing videos, when each of those is created there is an almost one hundred percent chance they will end up on someone’s Instagram profile, that’s just how big Instagram is today. People were a bit sceptical for some time when Facebook acquired Instagram, but that didn’t stop millions of people from sharing their info as well as photos and videos on this app so we won’t dwell on it at all and instead we will focus on the changes they’ve been making in the 2019. And if you wish to download the Instagram APK you may do so by following that link.

Now, let us review some of the features Instagram has implemented in the short time since the year 2019 started:

IGTV Previews Can Be Seen in the Main Feed

First and foremost, if you do not know what IGTV is, it is a standalone app that allows users to upload vertical full screen videos to Instagram.
The concept of IGTV is that the different users on the platform are represented as TV ’channels which have constantly playing content on them and even though its a standalone platform, instagram followers of each user recording for IGTV will receive a notification when they are online.
As you can see from the title, the integration has been upgraded even more with the release of this feature which allows users to share previews of their IGTV videos directly in the main Instagram newsfeed.
This represents another, mostly successful attempt that each social network is striving for – for you to only get relevant content on your news feed. So if you’re one of those users who records IGTV videos, you can now share a preview on your page that can be up to one minute in length. Very nifty, wouldn’t you say. And, if you’re interested in seeing for yourself, Instagram APK can be found if you follow this link.

Instagram Releases New Tools for Black History Month
In the United States, the month of February is, among other holidays, also a Black History Month and Instagram released new creative tools and a promotion to showcase relevant creators on their platform that featured content on the main official Instagram account.
These tools include camera effects and packs of stickers that were designed by black designers.

This is an excellent step in Instagram development as it indicated the trend of campaigns Instagram will run in the future.
These kind of social campaigns are especially good as it might be an indicator of features to come that include events for holidays or other causes.

Complete Removal of Self-Harm Images
Instagram just announced that they’ll be removing any images that violate their new self-harm regulations, with the goal of protecting vulnerable users from seeing and being affected by the images.

Even though most users and marketing brands will be marginally affected by this ban as they, hopefully, haven’t been using such images some of the more edgier brands might be, but on the grand plan this is a good change as such content really shouldn’t be on instagram in the first place.
Please note that this does include healed scars from self-harm or suicide attempts, so if you’re sharing an inspirational story, be careful here.
This is a good show of Instagrams current policy as it shows they’ve become more socially aware than they were in the past.
This falls in line with the ban against content that glorifies eating disorders a few months ago.
Instagram is Currently Testing Direct Messaging Online
Just last month we’ve been notified with an announcement that Facebook is planning on eventually melding their Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram direct messaging services into one integrated system which will encompass all apps and chats and allow cross-platform messaging. This change is expected sometime near the end of the year at the latest, so we may be seeing a step forward very soon.
Now, Instagram is by all accounts and reports testing a new direct messaging online service, a feature which was previously only available to mobile users.
Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that their ’product’ isn’t yet ready for public testing and that shows us just how early in development it is, but still, when it comes out it will be a pretty great addition to Instagram.
Instagram has been slowly shifting to a desktop-friendly experience over the past year, and as direct messaging is available to users, it will create one more direct interface that brands will need to respond to.
If you’re interested in Instagram you can download the Instagram APK and see all the changes for yourself.

Donation Stickers

In the past year Facebook has been active on the fundraising scene and has a not small amount of fundraising events and it looks like Instagram will follow in those footsteps.
This is a perfect juxtapose with the social-oriented awareness Instagram has shown in the last couple of updates and it comes in the form of the in testing Donation Stickers.

A very noble feature Instagram is putting out there and I would recommend downloading the Instagram APK and start supporting the cause as soon as they implement it.

In conclusion, even though only three short months have passed we can see that Instagram is hard at work and adding more and more useful, noble and all around good features that in this age of broken apps is a true breath of fresh air.

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