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King of Universe Fighters Ultra Instinct 1.0.2 APK

Legend god of super saiyan – Ultra Instinct

Universe of many Z fighter join new tourney of anime named UNIVERSE TOURNAMENT. Come with entire tournament of power arc, you
can choose one of 100 unlock warriors from : super saiyan, fighter street KO, or ninja hokage with familiar name: cúcú, gocu, gako,
veget, krilin, cumber, trunk, beeru, jire, hit …

A Fighting 2d game : when all dragon warrior from 12 Universes join the Z tournament of saiyan Z. The Most famous warrior like: krilin, gogeta,
vegeta,trunk,goku, roshi… .
In saga mode, there will be a perfect story mode you can fight with one sole fighter between many Kai warriors vs Z dragon heroes.

King of Universe Fighters Ultra Instinc features:
** Kill different type of enemies and win be the winner of each level.
** A true DB style fast battle system.
** Play as Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Goku.
** Beautiful stunning graphics.
** A large variety of moves.

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