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Kika Emoji Keyboard Review APK

Kika Emoji Keyboard Review

If there is one thing that Android can offer to its users are different kinds of apps in every single category that is listed in Play Store. Among the most popular ones are the keyboard apps, and the latest thing that your phone needs is Kika Emoji Keyboard to get your message across with a smart Emoji keyboard that makes typing not only fast and easy but fun as well.

With 1200+ different Emoji included we can proudly say that Kika Emoji Keyboard is the next generation of Android keyboards that have Emoji support built-in. The thing that really attracts new users to try this keyboard is the fact that there are 150+ supported languages and different plug-ins that will make this keyboard even more useful. For a reason, Kika Emoji Keyboard is one of the more complete Emoji keyboards available.

Kika emoji keyboard-blog

What makes this app stand out in the crowd is the fact that the Emoji is brilliantly designed to meet the exact requirements of its users. From now on you will never face difficulties finding the right Emoji that will show exactly how you feel at the given moment.

In order to get started, you need to download Kika Emoji Keyboard, and the best part is, you can download it for free in Play Store.

Before you can start using this app you need to go through the setup procedure. The setup is pretty simple and if you have installed a third-party app on Android before you will know what to do for sure. And, even if you are a complete beginner, Kika Emoji Keyboard excels with its simple setup procedure. You will find that using the new keyboard is very simple. You will be asked to enable the new keyboard and then to switch to Kika Keyboard.

Once you switch to your new keyboard you will be taken to a home page where you can find a collection of different customization options.

The second tab that will be presented to you is the one where you have to choose from a bunch of themes. There are different skins you can choose for your new keyboard and at the same time you can choose from different color schemes and backgrounds as well. Good news here is that you can search through categories to find the theme that best suits your preferences. Also, you can take an advantage of the floating action button on the main Themes page where you can better manage your themes, and for instance, see a list of the ones that you have already installed. This keyboard also allows you to create your own theme as well and have even better Android experience.


The third tab is probably the most important one for many users and it is the Emoji tab of course. You probably know what to expect here, but for the sake of the argument we will tell you again, lots and lots of Emoji. But that is not all, there are different Emoji skins that you can install so the Emoji will appear differently to you. There are a total of 19 different skins that you can choose from at this point. The floating action button will make the things a little easier for you since it can take you to a page that lets you manage the Emoji skins that you have already installed. Thanks to this feature you can easily narrow down the list of all the skins you like.

Next we have the Category tab that helps us browse the keyboard themes by categories. Tap on an individual category and you will find all the themes for that group. What is more, you can swipe through different color circles and once you select a given color you will be shown the keyboards that feature the color you have chosen.

Another thing you can adjust here is the font. So, no matter what font you actually choose, it will blend with the theme perfectly. This gives you more freedom to customize the keyboard according to your preferences.

We know that we have mentioned many features that you can easily customize, but this is not where it all ends. Another thing that you might also appreciate is the tab that allows you to change the sound for each key press. There are not many sounds available at this point, but it is always good to have at least couple of options you can choose from. This tab also features a floating tab button you can use whenever you want to manage the different sounds you have installed on your device.

A really cool feature that Kikka offers to its users is smart stickers. They will pop up in the top right corner every time you type certain words. For instance, if you type “LOL” an abbreviation that is used very often, you will see a sticker of people laughing as a suggestion.

At the bottom of the app UI there are two navigation buttons that you can find useful as well. The one on the left is “Store” which has all the customization options and the one on the right is “Settings”. Once you tap the settings button you can find some general setting for your keyboard and also settings for the language as well. There are more than 150 different languages, so there are great chances that your native language is included and if you prefer you can download it, or you can use the language you feel the most appropriate for you.

Emoji Keyboard

After using the keyboard you can see that there are some other things that you can adjust to fit your needs and to make your whole experience even better. Even though there are loads of themes and styles you can choose from when using Kika Emoji Keyboard, this app also allows you to create and customize your own style very easily, again, with the help of the floating action button. One of the things you can customize is the layout of the keyboard and also adjust the size too. There is also an option to insert image backgrounds from the big collection of wallpapers. But before you have access to all those cool wallpapers you need to download the Kika Wallpapers app. We encourage you to experiment as much as you want here until you find the right combination of elements.

It turns out that Kika Emoji Keyboard is a fully featured Android Keyboard and Emoji are its specialty. You can access the Emoji at any time while you are using the keyboard and there are many you can choose from.

But that is not all, you can also use predefined patterns and classic emoticons no matter the type of phone you are using at the given time.

Another popular thing that users are obsessed with are Animated GIFs, and you are probably wondering whether there are any featured somewhere in your new favorite keyboard. As a matter of fact there are, and you can easily search for GIFs using hash tags within the keyboard, which is a pretty great addition.

When it comes to the plug in system, users can easily choose which plug in they want to have running. Among the favorite ones is the search plugin which allows you to literally search anything you want in the middle of a conversation. Once you type in the thing you want to read more of, a browser window will appear where you can find all the information you need without even leaving your messaging app.  In the past, we usually had to minimize the app in order to open a browser search for a given keyboard and then come back again to the app to continue conversation. The feature where you can open a search window in its own window will save a lot of your time once you start using the app. This makes Kika Emoji Keyboard not just another app that was launched, but a very powerful tool that saves you time while you are having fun making conversation with your people.

With so many different features on display Kika Emoji Keyboard is one of the leading keyboards out there. Great typing experience, awesome features and many different Emoji and GIFs to choose from, are only some of the things this app has to offer.

Kika Emoji Keyboard Review – Ratings

  • Speed (5/5) – Even though Kika EMoji Keyboards is powered with many features it is still easy to download, install and runs smoothly.
  • Theme (4/5) – Thanks to the many themes this keyboard has to offer you can easily make it look however you want. You can use some of the designs that are offered to you or you can customize it the way you want.
  • Features (5/5) – One of the best things that this keyboard for Android has to offer are different features that will make your experience even better. Kika has the best GIF support, different stickers and Emoji, and plug ins that will fulfill every need you have while using your favorite keyboard.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – There are plenty of different keyboard apps out there but if you decide to choose Kika Emoji Keyboard you will not regret your decision. There are different features that will only make your experience better and they will not disappoint you in any way.

Advantages of using Kika Emoji Keyboard

  • The first thing we can say about our new favorite keyboard is that is an excellent one and we will keep using it.
  • Adding GIFs to your conversations is a big deal nowadays and Kika will allow you to be on top of things at all times.
  • Different Emoji on offer that will make your experience fun and unforgettable.
  • More than 100 GIFs and more than 800 Emoji.
  • Different themes available and also Unicode 7 and 8 support for WhatsApp.
  • Another great addition, are the many plug ins that make this keyboard even more useful.
  • Smart auto-correct will help you correct your typos when you are trying to send a message very fast, and you do not have the time to check for spelling errors.
  • The Voice Board allows you to voice type your messages, another great addition especially if you are sending messages on the go.
  • Both QWERTY keyboard and AZERTY keyboard.
  • Besides supporting more than 150 different languages, Kika Emoji Keyboard also supports Bashkir Language Layout.
  • Additional Kika Emoji free versions available

Cons of using Kika Emoji Keyboard

  • The Glide typing should be available in more languages, not only English.
  • They can add more sounds that users will be able to download.
  • They can also add a bigger selection of fonts.
  • Kika Emoji Keyboard is not compatible with some apps that you might be using.

Contact information

If you are facing some difficulties using this app you can contact the team and they will be happy to help you with the problem you are dealing with. You can easily find them here:

  • Facebook:
  • Official website: kikatech.com4
  • Support and Feedback: [email protected]

Kika Emoji Keyboard Review – Final verdict                                                                                            

With so many apps just a click away from us it is sometimes difficult to choose one and stick to it. We are in a constant search of new and improved apps. But there is one thing that we are sure, once we found Kika Emoji Keyboard we are sticking with it for the time being. This was an app that was designed to stay for a really long time. It works well and it has a lot of customization options with different themes and fonts you can choose from, and the team that is behind this awesome app is constantly working to improve the already existing app and follow the trends.

If you are using a different app that you might not be very satisfied with, we are happy to advise you to give this app a try and download it, this way you will end the search with the first use of Kika Emoji Keyboard.

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