JINA: App Drawer, Sidebar & Folder Organizer APK

All of your apps at your fingertips, from anywhere!JINA is at the same time a smart App Drawer replacement, a Sidebar available from any app and a powerful Apps Organizer that lets you manage the Folders on the home screen.

Install now and find out all that JINA can do! She will assist you to search, sort and organize your apps either automatically or by custom labels.

Open the Sidebar from any app by a simple gesture, launch the App Drawer or browse the Folders: you can switch to the app you were looking for in no time.

Use the powerful sorting capabilities, browse your device using the advanced Apps Organizer features or simply type few letters to find immediately what you were looking for.

JINA is designed to search, manage and sort apps in every possible way: folders, labels, automatic market categories and much more.

No need to give up your favorite launcher, JINA will just add an App Organizer, a Sidebar and all these advanced features on top of it.

Some features:

★ sort and organize apps by size, last event, update date, usage frequency, name, install date, app store origin
★ always accessible side launcher, resizable and always accessible for multitasking and app search
★ automatic app organizer for android
★ dynamic folders widgets on the home screen
★ fast app search, also with a T9 keyboard
★ custom app name aliases for effective search
★ playstore listing abstract for every installed app
custom tags and app store categories based apps organizer
★ apps uninstaller for rooted devices
★ random game picker
★ full icon packs integration
★ export apk and share apps
★ the perfect appdrawer for MIUI roms
★ much, much more…..

For support and features requests : Goo.gl/aD9mgG
Want help translate? localize.im/projects/v7

What’s New

★ shortcuts to documents in folders/favorites sidebar
★ folders sort-by name is now Locale sensitive, sort-by date fixed
★ sidebar hotspots vertical position can be set separately for portrait/landscape orientation
★ stability improvement
★ fixed:
– fc android 4
– direct dial
– optional fix for hotspots position on orientation change on android 8 devices
– CM/LineageOs
– keyboard positioning on sidebar to the right
– random fc on automatic icons

changelog: goo.gl/F6SihM

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Additional information

JINA: App Drawer, Sidebar & Folder Organizer
8.68 MB
50,000+ downloads
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