Jbak2 keyboard. Keyboard constructor. No ADS APK


Fork of the Jbak keyboard.

Professional, fully customizable, lite, fast keyboard for phones, tablets, rounded smartwatch and etc, with multi-clipboard, arrows, big buttons, 3 built-in types of calculator, unlimited number of custom gesture, haptic feedback, sound and other features. It requires very little memory

You can configure:
– Key height (for portrait and landscape mode)
– List of languages
– Switching between languages (using a separate key or by a gesture)
– Layouts (for portrait and landscape mode and for each language)
– Layouts for rounded smartwatches
– Fonts for labels on keys
– Current theme (9 built-in skins)
– Content (default string) and color of the Autoinput window
– Gestures (you can disable)
– Font for fullscreen editor
– Haptic feedback for long and short press and time intervals (in milliseconds)
– Shift key behavior (for example, you can disable the CapsLock function)
– Case switching and inserting/deleting spaces when you type

Keyboard features:
– creating your custom layout for any language, even if it is not in the keyboard
– height adjustment of keys (as well as vertical correction)
– additional characters on keys (by long pressing)
– multi-clipboard
– ctrl and alt, as well as all key codes (keycode)
– adding your custom templates
– large selection of themes and layouts
– transliteration
– built-in calculators: basic, scientific and programmable
– DEL key: delete character to the right of cursor
– voice input (if supported by the device)
– hot keys
– emoji keyboard
– full text editing
– autoinput and autocorrect text (you need to install the appropriate dictionary for each language)
– arrows and scrolling by page
– unlimited number of gestures
– tabulation
– support for macros

After installing the keyboard, you need to activate it. To know how to do it or if you have any questions, read "How to use the keyboard". There, you can find answers to almost all your questions.

*Holding the 123 (opt) key, you call the main menu of the keyboard. It contains various useful links: Settings, Multi-clipboard, Templates, Calculator, etc. You can also customize menu items to display.

By holding the Enter key, the layout for smileys will be displayed (there is also an emoji layout in the keyboard).

*The multi-clipboard stores 20 (the value can be adjusted) texts previously copied with the ability to insert into input fields.

*Templates are user-customizable, they can contain any text to insert into input fields and some special instructions.

*By holding the Shift key, a special layout for text editing will be displayed that contains arrows, clipboard commands allowing you to easily select, copy and paste text.

Built-in languages:
English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Greek, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Tatar, Bashkir, Hebrew, Armenian, Kazakh, Latvian, Arabic, Indonesian, Georgian, Polish, Estonian, Norwegian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Persian (farsi).

Additional Features:
< This keyboard supports all languages of two-letter (iso 639.1) (ru,en,etc.) and three-letter (iso 639.2) (rus,eng,etc.) codes.
< Jbak2 keyboard is a layout (keyboard) constructor. You can create any sort of layouts, for any language you want.
For information on how to create your own layout, check out the manual that is in the jbak2layout application.

< There are at least two layouts for each language. In total, as of August 2016, the keyboard contains more than 100 layouts for different languages.

< You can also create your own skin (theme) (the manual is in the jbak2skin application).

Separate applications were made in order not to increase the keyboard size.

What’s New

* v2.33.14
– случайно отключил короткое нажатие у кнопок смены скинов/раскладок. Поправлено
– исправлен регистр ввода второго и последующих символов, если их несколько на клавише (ввод перебором)
– мелкие исправления

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Jbak2 keyboard. Keyboard constructor. No ADS
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Developed By
Михаил Вязенкин

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