iPhone Notifications Lite APK

iPhone Notifications displays your device’s notifications like an iPhone
With iPhone Notifications you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications. You can display any app’s notifications the same way it would be displayed on IOS5, on your smartphone as well as on your tablet device.
Support :

The service :
* To work properly, iPhone Notifications requires that you activate the accessibility service “iPhone Notifications” (accessibility services are currently the only way to process user notifications on the Android OS).
* You then have to use the “Monitoring” section to choose which apps should raise notifications, and how.
* Status bar notifications must be enabled in the monitored apps for the banners and alerts to appear properly.
How to use it :
* Once you have activated the service and configured the app, you can choose to display each app’s notifications as alerts or banners.
Banners :
* Click the notification to launch it
* Swipe to the right to dismiss it
* Swipe to the left to dismiss notifications coming from the same app/contact
Alerts :
* Click “View” to launch it
* Click “Close” to dismiss it*
* Long-click the “Close” button to dismiss all notifications
* Swipe to navigate through your notifications
Note that dismissing the notification won’t remove it from the status bar (the Android OS doesn’t currently allow to manually remove 3rd party apps notifications from the status bar).
If you use a custom lockscreen app such as MagicLocker or WidgetLocker, or if you use the stock Android 4 ICS lockscreen, banners will show above your lockscreen.


  • You can pair the watch with an iPhone under the bluetooth settings. However you cannot download the BTNotification.apk because that is an Android format not Apple IOS.

  • I just bought the U8 watches and cannot download the BTNotification.apk to my iPhone 5S what should we do? Please help. Cos we really need it to pair with the watch.

  • We’ll I can’t download BTNnotication APK for my Iphone5 every time Safari cannot download it what I have to do thanks

  • I just bought the u8 watch and am trying to download BTNotification.apk to my iphone 4, yet every time I go to download it tells me “Safari can not download the file”. What can I do?

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