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Full featured installer with tiny size, user friendly design and high performance. Scan and install market and non-market apps easily from your SD card.

* Install and delete applications from SD card.
* Auto-scan all APK files from SD card. Use built-in cache mechanism to improve performance, avoid scan over and over again.
* Support batch mode for multiple install and delete.
* Show full application information including name, version, path, size and date.
* Instantly search applications by name.
* Share application to friends through multiple ways such as Gmail, Bluetooth, etc.
* Search application information directly from android market.
* Full android version compatible since 1.5+.
Usage Guide:
This application is very straight forward. For first launch it will search all APK files which stored on your SD card and display them for you to install. For other launches it will load application information automatically from cache to save plenty of time. Click refresh button in option menu to rebuild the cache if SD card content changed when necessary.



    • I agree!

      I got the Net10 LG Optimus Dynamic, I wanted Candy Crush Google said my phone is not compatible but I knew that the cc requires Android 2.2 and higher. Searched and I found this site dled cc and I the only problem I had is evry once in awhile the game while loading suddenly shuts down, other than that I haven’t had any problems.

      I am going to recommend this site to my friends and put a link up on my fb page, and tell every one who has an Optimus Dynamic or a phone that Google says “it is not compatible” for certain apps.


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