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How to Install TubeMate on PC APK

Have you ever wanted to download videos which you see on YouTube or any other video websites onto your PC? If yes, then you are in the right place. Tubemate is an application using which you will be able to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. Though there are many applications which are available in the market for the same purpose, you will not be able to find a better app than Tubemate. The application is easy to install and can download most of the videos from multiple online video platforms flawlessly. This article will tell you How to Install TubeMate on PC.

Features of TubeMate For PC

Install TubeMate on PC

You can easily navigate to the video from the application and download the video. Not only will you be able to download the full video, but you will also be able to just extract the audio from the video, which is a handy feature to have when you are looking to download music for your phone library. The developer of the application, Devian Studios, has been working on this from time to time and the application is updated often to ensure that you have the latest version always. In the latest version, you will be able to watch the videos in the application itself and decide if you want to download the video.

Another feature of the application is that it can boast the pausing of the downloads. Imagine you are running out of mobile data and want to download on a Wi-Fi connection and you are already halfway through the download, you will be able to pause the download and when you have the required connectivity, you will be able to resume from the place where the download was paused. There are different qualities in which you will be able to download the videos, depending on how the video has been uploaded in the destination.

The options which are available are Full HD, HD, 640x340p, 320x240p, and so on. Apart from the video quality, you will also have an option to download in multiple formats, such as AVI and FLV. One of the things to keep in mind is that this app is only available for Android and we will not be able to install it on PC – but we have multiple ways in which you will be able to download and install Tubemate.

How to Install TubeMate on PC?

There are a number of ways in which you will be able to download TubeMate on your PC. As mentioned previously, the application is only available for Android devices and hence, it is not straightforward for you to install this on your PC. You will be able to achieve this by installing a third-party Android Emulator which will assist you in installing the application in the emulator and enabling you to use it within the emulator.

There are a lot of Android Emulators in the market such as Bluestacks, Andy, and many more. One of the most widely used Emulator is Bluestacks. There are several support guides that are available for this Android emulator and you will be able to find out a solution in case you get stuck in some place. Below are the steps that you have to follow in order to download the application.

  1. Go to, which is the official website of the Bluestacks Android Emulator. Here, you will be able to find a download button through which you will be able to download the software on your PC, which is started with the name “bluestacks.exe”
  2. Once the download is completed, you will be able to open the .exe file. Follow the instructions to install it. At the very first, you will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions and the licensing agreement. After all, this has been completed, it is recommended that you follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the Bluestacks application.
  3. Once the application has been installed, open the application and sign in using your Google account. After signing in, you will be able to see that the application looks just like your usual Android phone. You will find the home, back, and menu buttons. You will be able to change the phone in the settings depending on what you like.
  4. Now that you have replicated a phone on your PC, you will have to download the TubeMate APK file. Make sure that you are downloading the latest version of the TubeMate to ensure that you have all the updates. TubeMate is not available on the Play Store and you will have to search for it online.
  5. Once you have the APK file of TubeMate, you can open this file in the Bluestacks emulator which will prompt you to give permission to install the APK. In order to open the APK file in the emulator, you can go through the menu or simply just drag and drop the APK file into the emulator.
  6. TubeMate will be installed and you will be able to access the application from the emulator anytime. 

Now that we have seen how you can download and install TubeMate, why not give it a go on your PC and explore how good and useful this application can be? There are numerous advantages of using Tubemate, but the main ones are that you will be able to download almost all YouTube videos, download with good speed, download with a music-only option – which is the audio only, download videos from Facebook and Dailymotion and much more.

The interface is quite straightforward and simple to use. The application also comes with an in-built media player that can be used in order to playback the media that you have downloaded using the application.  A few disadvantages of the application are that there is no support available for the application and if you face any issues, you will not be able to report them. Due to the application being free of cost, you might come across multiple ads in the app that can irritate the user. There are times when the app crashes suddenly as well. Overall, it is a good option and worth giving it a try.


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