Income vs Expenses – budget & finance manager APK

Control your finance, define categories, plan your own budget and expenses.

The basic functions of the application :
– very simple interface – very fast and flexible
– define and manage your own finance accounts to manage income and expenses more precisely
– Record incomes and expenses,
– View and control income and expense in terms of categories , days , and more specifically ,
– Future spending – a function that allows you to easily keep in check invoices and bills that must be paid in the future,
– Budget – to create a finance budget for each category as well as their own budgets for any time frame
– Categories – both revenue and expenses are grouped into categories that define the same user
– Reports – a multitude of reports allows you to easily control finance and household budget
– Backup – both dropbox , mail and a local copy of your data secure from loss
– Notifications – will make you never forget about the impending deadline expenditure
– Widgets – will allow even easier to control the household budget
– Pictures – take pictures of bills

The application 'Income vs expenses' is a best way to expense control and manage home budget.Thanks to build in functions allows you to easily log daily expenditures and incomes and costs incurred in terms of which creates the user. Categories allow you to specify whether the expenditures is fixed or variable expense. Categories can be easily distinguished by color. New transactions can be easily analyzed through different grouping and aggregation as well as through reports and graphs. Built-in reports allow control of the home budget, for example, clearly shows how monthly expenditures are for food, rent, expenses for clothing, a car, the balance of income and so on. The main report is a balance where we can on a monthly basis to check the relationship of income to expenditures of yout home budget.
Another advantage is the ability to create plans (budgets) that help control the home budget. Using the plan, we can control the use of our available resources and plan ahead their finances. The application has also a module cyclical spending, which save future expenditures. A quick way to add entries is one of the biggest advantages of the application. With a few steps we can add an entry, define your own limit or perform such report for the last year. Additionally, the application easily stores the data locally or in the cloud dropbox. Saving money has never been so easy and comfortable.

What’s New

– changes in charts – new bar chart by category and chart by persons
– some other fixes and improvements

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Income vs Expenses – budget & finance manager
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