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How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free APK

How good is your grammar? If you belong to the vast majority who needs a grammar check every now and then, Grammarly is an excellent tool. If you need it for business documents or for your college essays, Grammarly will help ensure the writing is up to the mark and is free of plagiarism. The written word can convey more than you think. However, unfortunate mistakes or oversights can give the readers a wrong impression. Grammarly comes to the rescue here. While Grammarly was released in 2009, it has made a name for itself and grown highly popular in the last decade.

Grammarly Premium for Free

Proofreading is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Grammarly saves you all that hassle. The software not only corrects spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and punctuations but also gives the content piece thorough proofreading. It also doesn’t make the changes automatically, giving you a chance to choose which alternative of the correct would be preferable to you. It checks your content against 400 grammar rules. Its plagiarism detection system is also pretty accurate and reliable.

However, not every feature is available for free. With proofreading and correction available in the free version, if you are looking for plagiarism detection and options for alternative choice of words, you will have to subscribe to the premium account. There are a few ways by which you can get the Grammarly Premium for free. Regardless of whether you are looking to improve your business communications or your university essays, it is always better to go with online writing and proofreading tools that can offer you reliable results.

Benefits of Grammarly Premium Accounts

There are plenty of benefits of having a Grammarly Premium account. This includes first-rate plagiarism checks and suggestions for improving your vocabulary. It can be used by students, bloggers, businessmen, and so on. Besides checking on grammar issues, it will also try to come up with a better way of expressing the same thing. The best part about Grammarly is that it is available for not only Android devices but iOS as well.

While Grammarly Premium offers a lot of handy features, not everyone can afford to pay the subscription fee. That is why we have mentioned several methods on how to get Grammarly Premium for free. Most of the methods have been tried by the users and it works.

Difference Grammarly Premium Vs Grammarly Free Account

As already discussed, Grammarly is available as both a free version and a paid version, with the latter being known as Grammarly Premium. If you are just a beginner and want to see if the tool works for you, the free tool should be enough for you to test and get started. Grammarly is basically a browser extension. It corrects all your grammar and proofreads for you on all browsers. You will just have to add it to the browser and install it. You are ready to go!

If you are a businessman, student, a blogger, or someone requiring extensive help, you would get more benefit by using the Grammarly Premium account. Let’s take a look at some of these methods on how to get Grammarly Premium for free.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free

Method 1

1.    First, you need to download EditThisCookie, an extension that works as a cookie manager. It is available in Google Chrome. Add this extension to your Chrome browser.

2.    Copy the Grammarly Cookies script.

3.    Open Grammarly website and click on the EditThisCookie extension that you would see on your browser tab.

4.    Click on the delete icon and then, choose the option ‘New Cookie’. Paste the Grammarly cookie script that you copied there.

5.    Once done, click on the green colored tick mark.

6.    Refresh your Grammarly page and you will see that you are all done. You will now have access to all Grammarly Premium account features.

Method 2

This is a good idea to use if you want the Premium account only for a certain period of time. With this method, you will receive Grammarly Premium for 30 days for free. All you have to do is to sign up and get a free trial for the 30-days premium plan.

Method 3

This is another method to receive Grammarly Premium for free. For this method, you will need to apply for an affiliate account. Since it can also work as an additional source of income, it is a pretty good idea. Once you become an affiliate, you will receive a $25 bonus. With every person who uses your banner to sign up, you will get some money. You will also receive $0.20 for every person who signs up for a free account. Those signing up for the premium account will get you a $20 commission. If you have a big network or if you are a successful marketer, this could be a great idea for you.

Method 4

Another way to get Grammarly Premium subscription is to try using some of the codes available on the internet. The use of codes is legal and have been distributed for the purpose of education and in some cases, for testing. With more downloads and uses, Grammarly gets more exposure. These codes can get you temporary or permanent access to Grammarly Premium, depending on the code you have used. You will have to sign up first and fill in some personal detail. When you get to the part of entering a promo code, key the code in and you will be ready to start Grammarly Premium.


Do note that in the last method, you will find codes that might not work. This could be because the codes have reached the upper limit for use. If you have used the free version and you think you could benefit from using the premium version, you can always use one of the above methods to get it for free. Make all your communication and submissions as error-free as possible now!


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