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How to Download & Install Kingroot App for iPhone/iOS APK

KingRoot is one of the most popular apps using which one can jailbreak or root their iOS device to gain administrative access. It is said that this app makes rooting your device very easy for you without following much of the complicated process involved in the process. KingRoot comes into the picture and our life is made a lot easier.

The Chinese developer has done quite a bit of research to ensure that the application follows the process, as rooting your device without following the correct process can lead to your phone ending up unusable forever.  The application is so flexible that it can root almost any phone with ease – be it iOS or Android. Hence, it is important for all of us to know what we can do with the administrative rights on our phones.

Since this application enables admin privileges, it is not available in the App Store and will have to be downloaded from the official site of KingRoot. Make sure that you are downloading it from the correct website as there are multiple applications with the same name.

Why should you root your device?

You must be wondering why you should be rooting your device. That is a valid question. Before you move ahead, you must know that you will not be eligible to claim the warranty on your phone once you try to root your device. On the other hand, there are multiple benefits of rooting your phone.

  • KingRoot enables the device to be free of all unwanted advertisements and unwelcome bloatware which can enhance the performance of your device. Most devices these days tends to lose its speed after a couple of years and rooting your device can solve all the problems.
  • Not only will the rooting your device help you with the performance of the device, but it will also help you with maintaining a steady battery life which might not be the case when the phone was not rooted.
  • With KingRoot, you will be able to get peace of mind as the application has a success rate of 95% in rooting phones.
  • Overall, the device will start performing better when compared to a device which is not rooted.
  • of the biggest worries about rooting the phone manually is that you must be extremely careful while rooting the device as you may lose data. But this is not a point to worry about any more with KingRoot, as it ensures that your data will stay protected while the phone is being rooted.
  • There are many forums where you can ask for help for rooting your devices, in case you face any problems midway through the process.

How to install KingRoot on your iOS device

Now that we have seen the uses and benefits of having KingRoot to jailbreak or root your phone, let us now see how we can install this application on your iOS device.

The first thing that you will have to note is that this application is not available in the App Store.  You will have to download it from the official KingRoot website. It is also advised that you use your device to complete the below steps. In case you are not comfortable with the steps given below on your iPhone, then you can download the application on your PC and then transfer the downloaded file onto the iPhone and take it forward from there.

  1. Go to the official KingRoot website and download the application on your iPhone.
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, go to the location where the file was downloaded and open it.
  3. iOS will give you a warning that you are installing a third-party application that has not been verified by iPhone. Proceed at your own risk. In this article, you would have read about both the positives and negatives of this application.
  4. Once you proceed after giving permissions, the application will be installed onto your phone.
  5. After the process has been completed, you should be able to find the KingRoot application on your home screen. The application icon would be blue in color with a King’s crown in it.
  6. Open the application where you will find everything written in the Chinese language – this is because the developer has basically developed this in his own language.
  7. A blue button will appear in the application which is responsible for starting the rooting process on your phone. Once you click on this blue button, the rooting process will start, and you can wait for the result.
  8. Once the process has been completed, you will be able to see if your iPhone has been rooted.
  9. Install Cyndia on your iPhone. This will help in managing the apps which you will install after your phone has been successfully jailbroken.
  10. In case KingRoot shows an error message, you can try the process again. If it doesn’t work, it is also a good idea to put your phone on airplane mode and try to see if KingRoot works this time.

Kingroot App for iPhone/iOS – Conclusion

KingRoot for iOS has proved to be very beneficial to all its users, especially the ones who want to root their phone but are unsure of the process and don’t want to take additional risks. The benefits that a jailbroken phone offers are numerous, and you will have full control over the phone, even for the tiniest setting. In fact, you will also be able to install other operating systems to see which one goes well with the phone.

The downside of having a jailbroken phone is that once you have rooted your phone, you can no longer claim warranty from your manufacturer. The other drawback is that sometimes the phone goes out of order, which is a risk that you will have to take – but that’s what KingRoot is there for! It decreases the chances of something going wrong with the rooting process.

Happy rooting!

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