How to Connect Android to TV

This post will lead you through the steps of connecting your Android device to your TV. You will be able to see your photos, videos, and other content present in your Android device on your TV, on a much bigger screen. You can use an MHL/SlimPort or a Micro-HDMI cable to connect your Android device to your TV. You can also try wirelessly casting your screen using Chromecast or other similar options. Did you know that you can even cast your Android phone while you are on a call? While tablets and phones let you do everything and are extremely lightweight and portable, if you have a family get-together or a group of friends coming over, TVs are the best way to watch movies or look at photos and videos.

How to Connect Android to TV

One good thing about using an Android device is the fact that there is a lot of ways you can connect it to the TV. Miracast is one of them. It is basically a wireless standard that develops an ad-hoc network between the two devices you want to connect. More and more TVs are now supporting Miracast and don’t require any additional hardware for the same. Since it uses H.264 for video transmission, its compression is efficient. It also supports Digital Rights Management thanks to which you can use it to stream stuff from YouTube and the iPlayer.

Connecting iPad to TV

Google Chromecast is one of the best options for this. It doesn’t cost a lot and can easily be plugged into a spare HDMI port. It can support content from Netflix, BT Sport, iPlayer, and so on. Since Chromecast does all the heavy work here, you don’t have to worry about your battery wearing off soon. You can also use the Chromecast to mirror your Android device’s display.

How to Connect Android to TV – HDMI

HDMI or the High Definition Multimedia Interface is the standard interface. It is now seen in all gaming consoles, laptops, cameras, and set-top boxes. It is not very expensive, and it can work with both HD video and audio simultaneously. The HDMI output is one of the biggest benefits of using an Android device over an Apple one. You will notice that HDMI plugs are available in three sizes – Regular HDMI or Type A, Mini HDMI or Type C, or Micro HDMI or Type D. These are easily available and cost very less. One major drawback is the fact that not all tablets have HDMI output and it rarer on phones.

How to Connect Android to TV – Slimport MHL

This is where the MHL or the Mobile High Definition Link comes into play. This lets the Android device owners connect to other displays via their micro USB port. SlimPort and MHL look pretty similar and work to offer the same goal. Both support audio and video with eight channels of surround sound. In order to set them up, you would need a dongle between the TV and your device that can convert the signal efficiently. They are only slightly more

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