Things have gotten easier with the advent of different note-taking applications which enhances organization and productivity. Not only are these wonder-apps compatible with Android phones, but they also contain a lot of features which make them serve more purposes than they are worth. Although some old folks prefer taking notes with pen and paper; and organizing their daily schedules the manual way, the use of the notepad app can save you from constant hassle, keep you organized and right on track.  

One of the interesting things about the notepad for android is that it can work on numerous platforms like android, iOs, Mac, windows and on the web. In addition, there are a whole lot of other functions that the notepad app can serve which would enable you to become more productive in your day to day activities.


The notepad app helps you arrange and organize notes. It also allows for the option of creating a private, public or uncategorized note. As a student, you can use this app to take class notes and draft a detailed study time table plan so that you can maximize your time during the semester. You can go further to create notes for different classes so that the notes won’t be disarranged. Notepad app is one “crazy” invention; I know. How you harness it shows your prowess in harnessing the application

Voice notes:

This sound too good to be true,  but yes. In addition to using the notepad application positively in taking notes for different classes, to take multi-dimensional notes, you can also use it to your advantage.

Ask me how?

As a student, you can use the voice note feature to record necessary information; when you feel too tired to take notes or scribble down the details and descriptions being given during the lecture. When you do not feel like writing, you can simply tap the microphone button and sit close to your professor.  You can always go back to the recording to make your own note when you feel active, alive and bubbling with strength and energy. You will agree with me that there is simply no doubt about the efficacy of the notepad application

If you’re a secretary; you can use the voice note feature to capture every details and job descriptions required of you. This would save you the stress of trying to get in every detail reeled out within seconds.


The notes you male with the notepad application, the recording; they do not have to be jumbled together. You can decide how you want to view the notes. Once you create your notes, there are a variety of ways to organize the information contained within it. You can also introduce webpages, images, clippings and audio recordings all in one note.

Another great feature is the check-box bullet which helps you cross out finished tasks. It gives the virtual effect of crossing out things with your own hands.  With a few tweaks and tricks employing these features, you will not only get more things done within the shortest possible time, but you will also look really organized and detailed even in the smallest tasks.

Web clippings:

For your researches, you can save articles and web clippings so that you can have your entire article or web clipping within a note. You can also share an article you are reading by hitting “share” and clicking on the notepad application, however, you have to be sure that the notepad application toggle is turned on under “activities” so that you will be able to add a note.


You can attach files to a note via two ways which are from the cloud via Google drive, or directly from your computer. To link up attachments to notes through the second option, you will be required to simply drag the attachment and drop it in the note. You can drop various attachments like photos, videos, GIF, drop-in-diagrams and a host of other things.

For the Google drive option from the cloud, you can do tasks such as referencing presentations and attaching them to new or already created notes, all by using this amazing application right on your mobile device.


Let us talk about reminders. We use them to keep tabs on daily activities, schedules, and re-schedules, flights, meetings and a whole lot of other things. The notepad app is not restricted to writing notes, you can create a list of upcoming events you would not like to miss, hit the alarm clock and set up the corresponding date and time so that your reminder is complete.


To share notes on your notepad app, you can manage permissions by allowing others to modify the settings of this application. You can share a note to other applications like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

Creating tables:

You can create easy, customizable and neat tables using your notepad application. Although the tables might not be similar in function to the Microsoft Excel application, it still provides you with a table to work with all the same.


Now I know you’re extremely amazed. This application gives you the magical effects that Photoshop gives; although it is not the full package, all the same, you can edit pictures and get some beautiful effects.

Other functions that can be performed with the notepad application are; password protection, painting, creating shopping lists, photo note texts and a whole lot of other things.

You can be productive by simply putting each of these features to maximal use.







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