Hourly Talking Alarm Clock APK

It's really easy to use!

Just power on the app then will talk the time with text from 8am to 10 pm everyday automatically.
(Don't worry! Nothing to set except clicking Power On.)

Schedule Reminder! On Time Alarm

** Real Exactly On Time **
** Never Miss On Time **
** Uses battery and cpu only 24 seconds a day . **
** Set every on hour 0 ~ 59 minutes **
** Use Days(7 * 24), Hourly Text(7 * 24) **
** Interval: 1, 2, 3 …. ~ 30 min **
** Repetition: Read Text 1 ~ 5 times**
** Delay Speaking: Start seconds after bell ringing **
** Only bell, Only voice, Only vib, Only Led OR Available Mix them**
** Speak each year/mon/day/am/pm/24h OR Available Mix them**
** Real own assistant **
** meditation, medication, drug, surgery, medicine, food, drinking water reminder alarm **
** study, play, exercise, climb, time table, management, concentrate, prayer, namaz, azan, quran reminder alarm **
** baby voice **

[BIG SALE Limited]Cuckoo, rooster, sea and gulls,
Make sentences what you want to listen(voice) any hour on hours.

[Text Reader]– Copy and Paste to Hourly Text Edit Box: note, memo, article, time table, medicine, shift, wise saying, book, poet, provision, bible, Buddhist, memorizing item, GTD, etc…
– then this app will read it the time that you need(24hours * 7days).

[Help Blog]http://comostudio.tistory.com/187

** icon designed by Iconfinder.com/creativestall, Iconfinder.com/deezign, Iconfinder.com/Revicon

** this app never collect any user information !!
** picture/media/file permission; because use data base table for this app.
** device id and call info; because this app can control volume or vibration during in-call.
** internet/network; just for advertisement

** Loading time may vary depending on the manufacturer or the devices.(tts engine: text to speech)

What’s New

[v3.2.0]1. loading routine improved
2. active time bug fixed
3. option Music playback text modified

[v3.1.9]1. Add 'Notify with speaker when using headset'
2. Add 'Notification option during music (movie) playback'
3. Add 'Language settings (Add language study; Japanese, English, Hindi, German, Russian, French, Chinese, etc.)'
4. Independent alarm ringing bug fix(also silent / vibration mode)
5. Fixed 24-hour mode speaking bug
6. Add plus setting UI
7. Speaking synthesis added.

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Hourly Talking Alarm Clock
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