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If you happen to have an old smartphone or tablet collecting dust somewhere, now you have a better option. WardenCam turns your spare Apple and Android smartphones and tablets into home security cameras that you can watch while you’re away. It helps you find out if your package arrived, monitor your baby, if the kids are home from school, or find out what your dog and cat are up to.

WardenCam will take any Android phone or tablet running Gingerbread version 2.3 or greater and put its Internet connectivity and advanced video and audio sensors to good use. Video monitoring has never been easier. Install WardenCam on two phones. One is your Camera at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer. Log in with the same Google account, and that’s it! You are now connected to your loved ones. With WardenCam's unique motion detection feature and Google Drive and Dropbox integration, you can enjoy peace of mind without keeping a constant eye on things.

– Available on Android & iOS
– One click installation
– Live streaming all day and night
– Works anywhere with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE
– Free cloud storage (directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox)
– Review events, to see what you missed
– Setup multiple cameras all in one system
– Motion detection & alerts (push notification and email)
– Scheduled motion detection (day and time)
– Night vision mode (enhance visibility at low ambient light condition)
– Talk and listen from the viewer console to any of the cameras
– Ultra high definition video & audio

VIDEO MONITORING 24/7: Install WardenCam on your spare devices and pocket phone. Sign in with any gmail account as "camera" & "viewer". Place the spare device anywhere of interest at home, in the kitchen, the garage, your office. Monitor live on the pocket phone anywhere with internet.

MOTION DETECTION: Enjoy peace of mind without keeping a constant eye on things. WardenCam provides automated motion detection schedule. Once a motion is detected, it starts siren alarm to scare the intruder away. Link your Google Drive and Dropbox on both the camera and viewer so that WardenCam can also upload the motion video to your cloud storage. You may even enable 24/7 recording to cloud. Simple and secure!

NIGHT VISION: The only video monitoring app supports night vision mode. Night vision significantly improved visibility with low ambient light, although don't assume visibility at complete dark.

RECEIVE ALERT: Receive a push notification immediately when an intruder is detected, the kids arrive home from school, or your elderly relatives are moving about their day. Play back event recordings from the cloud storage.

TWO-WAY AUDIO: Talk while watching the live streaming. Send voice to the camera device. Prevent a negative action before it ever happens

SAVE MONEY: Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than IP cameras in the market. Don't buy an expensive IP camera. Use WardenCam to transform your spare device to the most advanced home security camera for free.

How to test:
Sign in with a google account that is already on your phone. Try with your own network first. If there is still logging issues, please contact our technical [email protected]

If you like to use the app for 24/7 video monitoring, please upgrade to premium version with one single payment of USD $5.99. No monthly fee. Visit our website wardencam360.com for more details.

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What’s New

Now WardenCam gives you Instant motion notification with pictures even when the app is in the background.
WardenCam team works extremely hard to give users the best value! WardenCam is now more reliable than ever. Share with us your experience on facebook.

Bilingual users, will you help us translate our app description to your native language? Please contact [email protected] You will be rewarded!

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Additional information

Home Security Camera WardenCam
15.25 MB
Android 4.0 and up
Dec 21, 2016
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
WardenCam360 – Home Security, Video Monitoring

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