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Keep the most beautiful book Holy Quran  in your pocket. Read it anywhere any time on your android phone or tablet. Use rich featured Holy Quran application to read or memorize Al-Quran. Freely download and listen audio recitation of complete Quran in the voices of International reciters, while each verse (Aaya) is highlighted as its been read. Choose the script (With or Without Tashkeel) you are comfortable reading with. Adjust the font size to an easily readable size. Use powerful search capabilities of the application to search in the translation of whole Quran or a selected surah. Jump to any verse of any surah. Bookmark any verse or add custom notes with each verse. Different translations are available and more to come.
Key features:
•    First of all there are NO ADS in Lite version as well as Pro version.
•    Script with tashkeel and without tashkeel.
•    Select two translations at the same time (In Pro).
•    Adjustable font size for both Arabic script and translation.
•    Powerful search feature. (In Pro)
•    Unlimited bookmarks and notes. (Lite Version is limited to 5 bookmarks)
•    Easy to use playback navigation controls.
•    Repeat verse or surah infinite time to help you memorize any surah or verse.
•    Jump to any verse of Quran.
•    Different colorful themes, more to be added in free updates.
•    Resume download from last downloaded verse.
•    Download statistics screen, showing downloaded surahs and ability to remove any surah.
•    Download audio for whole Quran.
•    Different translations and still to come more in free updates.
•    Support for both portrait and landscape view.
•    Share Translation
Supported Reciters
•    Abdul Basit (Murattal)
•    Hudhaify (In Pro)
•    Sheikh Husary (In Pro)
•    Al-Afasy (In Pro)
•    Saood & Shuraim (In Pro)
•    Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree (In Pro)
•    Abdullah Basfar (In Pro)
•    Ghamdi (In Pro)
•    Mahir Al-Muayqali (In Pro)
•    Minshawi (In Pro)
•    Muhammad Jibreel (In Pro)
•    Muhammad Ayyoub (In Pro)
•    Muhammad al Tablaway (In Pro)
•    Abdur Rahman As Sudais (In Pro)
•    Suggest more at our support email address.
Supported Translations
•    Sahih International
•    Shakir (English) (In Pro)
•    Mohsin Khan (English) (In Pro)
•    Yusuf Ali (English) (In Pro)
•    Pickthall (English) (In Pro)
•    Dr. Ghali (English) (In Pro)
•    Transliteration (In Pro)
•    Tafsir al-Jalalayn
•    Malay (In Pro)
•    Indonesian (In Pro)
•    Urdu for OS version 3.0+ (In Pro)
•    Farsi for OS version 3.0+ (In Pro)
•    French (In Pro)
•    German (In Pro)
•    Italian (In Pro)
•    Spanish (In Pro)
•    Turkish (In Pro)
•    Suggest more at our support email address.
For any suggestion, feedback, query or a bug report, please email us at our support email address as comments don’t allow to start a thread.
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