[High Quality] Silent Camera APK

[High Quality] silent camera-1 [High Quality] silent camera-2

[ Please read this Manual ] Someone says that this application is not good at high-definition camera but this is.
Actually spy camera can not take great quality photos.
This application is the best quality photos in spy camera.

1. When this application stop working, try to reboot and do again please.
2. Try to use the widget mode, you can feel more comfortable.
– Please read the manual “How to use the widget”.
3. If you have any problem, please send me an e-mail. I will fix the problem ASAP.

Finally, we launched the best spy camera.
We try to make that this application can have the high-definition and no sounds, so you can take photos quickly and silently.

* Touch mode
– Just touch the screen, it will be taken.

* Button mode
– Just touch the button, it will be taken.

—— Main Feature ——

[Configuration] * Camera screen when the application is started
– When the application is started, view the camera screen directly.

* Black Screen Mode
– When you touch the text, you can choose the camera mode which are front or back.
– Press the volume up button, you can get 5 sequence photos.
– Press the volume down button, it will be lighten mode.
– Touch the screen = General mode

* Vibration mode
– You can feel alone what a taken.

* Notification about photos
– When you take photos, it will show you the message “SAVE”.
– If you check this configuration, you can not see the message “SAVE”.
– When you are “Vibration mode”, just check it.

* User Screen
– You can change the screen what you want.
– Even if other photos what are in your gallery.
– Touch the User screen text, it will be made.
– Press the volume up button, you can get 5 sequence photos.
– Press the volume down button, it will be lighten mode.
– Touch the screen = General mode

* Change the shooting mode
1.Screen touch mode
– touch = take photos
2.Button touch mode
– touch the button = take photos
– touch the text = change the mode

[Camera Screen] -Zoom
-Timer 3,5,10 Seconds
-Front Side / Back Side
-Self Camera

[How to use the widget] 1.Long touch the background on your screen and select the icon of good camera.
2.You can find two icons which are sea anemone and star.
-Black Star : The camera is off
-Blue Star : The camera is on
When you touch the black star, it will change the blue star. It means the camera is running.
Just touch the background, the photos are automatically saved!
When you are done, just touch the back button. Then all the working are done.

3.Sea anemone icon
-Go to the application.

[FAQ] 1. When I touched the widget, my phone is not working.
-Don’t worry about that, your phone is working.
-Just touch the background on your smart phone, photos are saved automatically.
-If you touch the back button, the camera stops working.

2. When I touched the widget, but it will not change the blue star.
-Some device has the problem.
-We are fixing it, so please wait more.
-Even if the star is not changing, the function is perfect.

Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up



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